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Posted by arikel88 (Member # 16255) on :
Les and his wife need help prayer will help his wife, this is what Les said.

Hi everyone. Not sure how much I did share with you guys. It has been a difficult time for us and barley finding opportunities to be on the forums with my usual postings.

Over a month ago my wife took a swap test for bowel screening which came back as a positive for possible cancer. A few weeks ago, she went in for a ctc scan for further investigations and sample taking. During the set up of this they had to inflate the bowel but in the process the bowel was perforated. We were in hospital for 5 days whiles they stabilized and got things sorted.

We were sent home early last week with the understanding that the original investigations would be retried now mid November.

We are holding on in believe that God will see us through these next few weeks as we wait that if there if there is cancer or not. We are concerned that the bowel as now weakened and praying too that the bowel wont give the second time when she does go in for the second investigation.

Please praye for them.

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