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Posted by dcmbrnite (Member # 4819) on :
This is a simple, selfish prayer...
Tomorrow at 9am I have a huge certifcation exam... I am terribly nervous and slightly fearful that I may not do so well... again. Yes, again. This will be the second time.

I was never a good test taker, no matter how well I do in school... my tests, exams, finals-were not always of passing level.

This is so hugely important to me and my family. Obtaining this certifaction will allow me to make 3x the income I am currently getting-as well as get accepted into some very reputable companies.

God has ALWAYS provided for me and my children, and for that I am eturnally greatful...

... anyway, I hope you will pray for me regarding this area...

Posted by Gramajo320 (Member # 4667) on :

We are and will continue to pray for you to do just fine on your exams and we're certain that you will. God bless you.
Posted by HisGrace (Member # 3438) on :
Praying for wisdom and clarity of thought, Father God, as dcmbrnite is probably writing her exam at this very moment.

Thank-you Lord [Prayer]
Posted by mohawk (Member # 2898) on :
Abba, Father
Standing in agreement with those who have responded to this request, and thanking You for seeing this child of Yours through to this opportunity. We ask Your hand on her brow to bestow peace and confidence that You are guiding her path at this moment. Let the obstacles be pushed aside, and this door be opened to her. In the name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen.
Posted by Carmela (Member # 4817) on :
How did you test go DCM? I know how it is because I have test anxiety and I get good grades in school except for the classes that have more tests in, then my grades are usually a bit lower.
Posted by dcmbrnite (Member # 4819) on :

Thank you guys so much for your prayers [hug]
It has meant so much!

I recieved a 90%

I feel like dancing lmao

Thank you!!!
Posted by Gramajo320 (Member # 4667) on :

A huge congratulations to you on your test scores!
I felt quite confident that you would do just fine! God bless you and your family!
Posted by HisGrace (Member # 3438) on :
Originally posted by dcmbrnite:
I recieved a 90%

Amazing!!!! Congratulations! [hyper]
Posted by Carmela (Member # 4817) on :
Carmela dances around the room with dcm!!!

Woooo Whooooo, I knew you would do it. Congrats to you. I praise God for you and for His help in guiding you and taking your thoughts captive so fear didn't hold you back.

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