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Posted by redkermit (Member # 4059) on :
A family friend was in a motorcycle accident. His name is Matt Bosse. He is in critical condition. He underwent a 2 hour surgery to relieve the swelling in his brain & remove a clot. They left that portion of his skull off so the brain has room to swell. They have him in a drug induced coma, & tried to take him out of it today. He began coughing & moving his arms, so he was left under sedation. After his surgery, the doctor said he probably won't make it but if he does wake up, he won't be the same.

While this in and of itself is tragic, this family has been through the wringer in the last few years. I don't know how much national news it made, but they had a daughter that was abducted and killed a few years ago, Andre' Bosse. My sister helped search in the early days after her disappearance, and volunteered at the Andre' Bosse Center later on in the search process.

Please say a prayer for Matt Bosse, his wife, and their family during this time.
Posted by Bat Elohim (Member # 3739) on :
that is horrible. i will keep them in my prayers.
Posted by HisGrace (Member # 3438) on :
Certainly will be praying for Matt and his family and trusting for his complete healing. [Prayer]
Posted by mohawk (Member # 2898) on :
This family has been through so much. I pray the Lord will comfort and shelter them from further harm and tragedy. Let the healing begin. In Christ's name, amen.
Posted by redkermit (Member # 4059) on :
I talked to my sister yesterday. The doctors ran some tests, and it appears he is brain dead. The family made the decision to have life support removed.
Posted by Bat Elohim (Member # 3739) on :
i'm so sorry [Frown]
Posted by LaurieFL (Member # 3794) on :
I will be praying for that family as they undergo this difficult time. Things happen on this earth that are so hard, but God is our refuge and our strength and He will bring hope to the hopeless and comfort to those who mourn.

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