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Posted by LaurieFL (Member # 3794) on :
My little shy cousin who has had a pretty rough life found a lovely man to marry a few years ago. He adopted her son and they had another little one of their own. He was a good husband, but not saved I don't think.

He was killed this morning in a car accident. I am so sad for her, and she is just crushed of course. I ask that you all join me in praying for her and her children, that God will comfort them and take care of them. I also pray that this will bring her to a personal relationship with Jesus, if she doesn't have one yet.
Posted by LaurieFL (Member # 3794) on :
I can't imagine such a tragic situation not eliciting some sort of response from fellow Christians. I surely hope that someone besides me is also praying for this poor young widow and her two little children. My heart is so broken over this that I cannot even begin to imagine the pain she must be feeling right now.
Posted by redkermit (Member # 4059) on :
Admittedly, I have not checked this section in about a week. But, when I do come here, I do pray for the requests posted, although I never post about it. Just letting you know that someone else is praying.

This is such a tragedy, and I can't even begin to imagine what she must be going through.

Posted by Study (Member # 3991) on :

When I read your prayer request yesterday, I said a prayer where I sat, but did not post one. Others may have done the same.

God bless

Posted by HisGrace (Member # 3438) on :
Just started posting a few moments ago and noticed this thread.

I certainly will be praying for your cousin and her little family. Praying that God will comfort her with his all encompassoning arms during this time of unbearable pain, and trusting that through it all will she find a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. [Prayer]
Posted by woody (Member # 3233) on :
Sorry I wasn't on the board yesterday. I also don't normally post when I pray. Sorry, I feel convicted of sloth. Others do need to know when we pray. I will try to be more faithful in letting others know when I pray for them.

I do not presume to speak for God. But my morning reading was Naomi's story (Ruth) and it parallels your cousin's tragedy.

There was a famine in the land Naomi’s husband moved them to a heathen land, where he died. If Elimelech hadn’t died his sons probably would not have married heathen women. They did and they died. If the sons hadn’t married heathen women there would be no Ruth in this story. If the men had not died there would be no Boaz in the story.

If there was no Ruth, no Boaz I am sure God would still have given us a David and the Messiah. But for His unfathomable reasons God chose this way to put a heathen woman in the Messiah’s lineage and gave us a great love story that shows us how the redeemer kinship works.

We pray for you cousin and the children that they will be comforted as only God can give comfort. We claim God’s promise that He, God, will be her husband and the children’s father. We claim this in Jesus’ name and that He will receive glory because of these things.

Is there something we can do physically for your cousin?
Posted by LaurieFL (Member # 3794) on :
Thank you guys for your prayers, and thank you Woddy for that reminder of the story of Ruth.

Honestly, I am taking this very hard myself, because as a newlywed it is one of my worst fears I guess. Also, this is the anniversary of the death of my father and my uncle who both died tragically and suddenly a couple of years apart (one in 1995, one in 1999). I am so emotional over this that I can't even speak to my cousin myself for fear of bawling on the phone and making things worse for her. I have spoken to her mother (my aunt) at length though. I live in Florida and htis is all happening in Mississippi. I can't go to the funeral either due to some obligations here that I can't get out of right now, so I am feeling very frustrated.

My cousin is currently being well taken care of by her mom, our other cousin, and another aunt and my grandmother. My mom is on the way there as well. So much family and churchmembers have been by, she probably really needs some time to herself to absorb all of this.

I did find out that recently she and her husband had visited the church where another cousin of mine is the preacher and that they had asked him to come to their house to speak to them, so I can only hope perhaps he and my cousin are saved. I know that only God knows the heart.

Anyway, I don't think there is anything anyone here can do right now except to continue in prayer for her and her children. The two sons will have a hard time with this, moreso in the days to come. God promised to be a Father to the fatherless though, so we do have that promise to claim.

I appreciate your prayers and kind words more than you all know.

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