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Posted by WildB (Member # 2917) on :
Those who want to dominate us, want to fill us with fear. Fearful people are easily manipulated. We become like beasts of burden that are jerked around by a ring in their noses.

It’s not wrong to take precautions, wear seat belts, have insurance, but we must remember that our ultimate security is in God’s hands.

Preserve me, O God: for in thee do I put my trust”
(Ps. 16:1)

Pastor Larry
Posted by WildB (Member # 2917) on :
Sent: Saturday, January 16, 2021 1:01 AM
To: Gretchen Whitmer
Cc: The White House ; Michigan GOP
Subject: Re: Governor Whitmer - Responding to Your Message

I must acknowledge your 3 response letters of intent.
You are most Gracious.

I hope that you understand That, I as old Navy, would Never-
Dip the "Ensign" on any US Navy Ship I powered.
Your 1-8-2021 plan of order to have all ships at half-mast in our waters was not respected on US NAVAL VESSELS.

I hope you understand.

Flag Code, Proclamation 3044 Section 5 states, "The heads of the several departments and agencies of the [federal] Government may direct that the flag of the United States be flown at half-staff on buildings, grounds, or naval vessels under their jurisdiction on occasions other than those specified herein which they consider proper, and that suitable military honors be rendered as appropriate."


Definition of ensign

1 : a flag that is flown (as by a ship) as the symbol of nationality and that may also be flown with a distinctive badge added to its design

Naval traditions about flags
[Search domain]
The U.S. Navy dips the U.S. ensign only in return to the dip rendered by another ship. Navy Regulations, article 1263: "When any vessel, under United States registry or the registry of a nation formally recognized by the Government of the United States, salutes a ship of the Navy by dipping her ensign, it shall be answered dip for dip.

Flag Code FAQ: Half staff; half mast - US History
According to Merriam-Webster's (3rd Edition): Half-mast: a point some distance but not necessarily halfway down below the top of a mast or staff or the peak of a gaff. Half-staff: HALF-MAST — used of a flag or a flagpole The Associated Press Style Guide suggests using "half staff." However, most dictionaries use "half-mast" as the preferred term.

It did not set well with in my soul, that you, would/ do think so.

It is, "OUR NAVY!" that is the keeper of the gates.

Do you even understand what them gates are?

Navy commander surrendered to Iran to protect Obama's nuclear deal?

Most RespectFully,
wkg USNR BT2
Posted by Betty Louise (Member # 7175) on :
I agree

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