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Posted by TB125 (Member # 2450) on :
I have seen several videos in which Barack Obama clearly states that he was born in Kenya and not in Hawaii, and other videos in which he clearly states that he is Muslim, not Christian. These videos can be seen on U Tube here: These are not documents that have been sealed. This link was published by The American News Commentary Vol 16, No 6 Feb. 9, 2011 in a special note, "This is not a subject on which we have spent much time", in that periodical. These are videos of his own personal statements and those of others that are still a part of some public records. I'm wondering in the light of these videos why Barach Obama hasn't been impeached. Who in the American system of justice is responsible to see to it that the laws of our Constitution, particularly this law regarding the fact that the President of these United States must be a "Natural Born" citizen, is enforced? What is preventing this action from being taken, particularly since "sealed" documents are not the only evidence that exists in this matter? This is a very serious matter that affects all of us and our children and grandchildren!
Posted by crixus (Member # 8527) on :
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease... McCain lost over two years ago, and it's time you faced reality and moved on. I didn't vote for Obama either, but I'm not naive enough to believe in these crazy internet conspiracies. [BooHoo]
Posted by TB125 (Member # 2450) on :
What "internet conspiracy" are you talking about? I didn't mention any such "conspiracy". I cited videos of Barack Obama making his own personal statements that he was born in Kenya and is a Muslim and "is not legally entitled to be President". I'm just wondering why he hasn't been impeached in the light of his own personal admission of these facts.
Posted by crixus (Member # 8527) on :
There have been internet conspiracies about this ever since he took office. If there were any truth to it the Republicans would have had him impeached by now. They gave up on the that idea a long time ago when they realized it was all a scam. The President was born in Hawaii and his term is now over half way through. Even most of the "birthers" have moved on by now. That's why I'm the only one who responded to your post. It's not even topical anymore. To be honest, the only reason why I responded was because I felt bad that no one else had in the week prior. Best wishes to you! [spiny]
Posted by TB125 (Member # 2450) on :
How can this be a scam? He himself said that he was "born in Kenya" "not in Hawaii". Don't feel sorry for me. I'm too old to be around much longer with this dangerous extremely powerful lying "con man", but you and the members of the younger generations are going to have to suffer from all of the chaos that he creates in our country and among our friends in the world.
Posted by crixus (Member # 8527) on :
Bob, this is the last comment I'll leave for you on this topic. I work in video production and can tell when a video or audio clip has been doctored. And the one that you have link has definitely been altered. The President has never once said that he was born in Kenya. But he has said that he was born in Hawaii. So did his Mother and the Governor of Hawaii (who has seen his birth certificate). The stuff you've been viewing on YouTube has been altered. That's why nobody in the know pays it any credence. If it were real the Republicans and Fox News would be all over it. I'm not saying you're a racist, but the people that doctored the video and audio clips definitely are. Why else would they do it. Don't be naive Bob. It's much ado about nothing, don't fall for this old, tired conspiracy that's been all over the net for years now in various forms. I didn't vote for Obama, but he is our President and should be respected. As it say's in the Bible, were supposed to support and pray for our leaders. I live in a Marine Corps town and nobody here believes in that "birther" nonsense. If our Marines thought the Commander in Chief was lying they would definitely speak up. Say hello to reality! [wave3]
Posted by Betty Louise (Member # 7175) on :
I do wonder why he has had his birth records sealed. No other President or anyone running for office has done so. If he did not have something to hide he would not have had them sealed.
Posted by Ezekiel 13:20 (Member # 8124) on :
Let's just hope Obummer is the last president and Christ will soon return.

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