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Posted by TB125 (Member # 2450) on :
I've been gone from participating in this Forum for several years, but recently returned to check on some issues of personal concern in which I previously shared. I've noted that many members are no longer participating, although some have stated that they are returning according to the "New Member Introductions" posts. But I don't see many fresh new posts. I'm going to try to add some from my ongoing experiences in trying to effectively operate a Christian website and live faithfully in this world where my "faith" is the only one that is no longer tolerable or even understandable. I perceive that there are many issues of daily living that we could well discuss on this Forum. Let's refresh this Forum and help each other to live "in Christ" in this very confused world.
Posted by Carol Swenson (Member # 6929) on :
Wonderful! So glad to see you here again TB125!

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