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Dam it! The State of Michigan is in a world of hurt these days. As if being one of the states hardest hit by the Coronavirus wasn't enough, the Mitten State received a double whammy this week when “bigly pouring” rains resulted in two dams along a major river failing, flooding millions of acres in Midland and surrounding areas. 10,000 residents ordered to “stay-at-home” under Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s controversial lockdown were forced to abandon their soggy homes and move in with relatives and friends on dry land. Dam, so much for the best-laid-plans of authoritarian leaders.

Now, Michigan needs some dam money on top of the Federal assistance they have received over the past couple of months to handle pandemic issues like ventilators, masks, testing equipment, etc. Initially, Governor Whitmer publicly complained about the Trump White House’s slow response to the state’s pandemic needs, but quickly played nice once the needed supplies started rolling into the state from the Feds.

While FEMA has already been on the ground, and quickly by the way, concerning the dam disaster, needed financial aid may not be so easily and willingly forthcoming. Dam, why? A couple of reasons, both self-inflicted by Michigan state government officials, including the Governor, and Michigan environmental regulators. Let’s take the latter issue first, shall we?

In 2018, Federal officials stripped the “license to operate” for one of the dams that failed this week and turned oversight over to Michigan state regulators. Those state officials then inspected the dam and its spillways and, channeling Kevin Bacon in “Animal House,” declared “all is well.” Actually, the term they used was “fair structural condition.” It seems they had “bigger fish to fry,” um, er, actually they were more concerned with the habitat of freshwater mussels in the dam area.

Michigan officials at the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy claim that regulators did not have enough time to do a dam-fine job of inspecting the dams before they gave way. Yep, they only had one and a half years, even though the Feds had been warning the dam owners about “structural issues” for two dam decades.

Let’s put that one and a half years in perspective, campers. President Trump has been vilified, including by Michigan Governor Whitmer, for his initial “slow response” to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many Democrats have claimed, without facts, that the White House knew something big and bad was brewing in China two months before Team Trump “finally” acted in late January of this year. “Trump was told in December!” they shouted, despite the fact that in December and up until Trump’s clampdown on travel from China on January 31st, the White House was being lied to by both the Chinese Communist Government and its Boy Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO).

Those two months of “delay” they claim resulted in “Trump” eventually killing thousands, if not tens of thousands of Americans. But, Michigan Governor Whitmer and her crack team, while ignoring the Feds stripping the dam owners of their license to operate and after decades of warnings, failed to do squat for the 18 months of her tenure. Two months vs. 18 months: you be the judge who was fiddling while Rome burned. Dam!

OK, OK, Whitmer was up to her eyeballs bludgeoning 77-year-old barbers who refused to obey her and stop cutting hair. She was also busy telling Michiganders not to travel to their up-north vacation cabins, although the latter edict did not apply to her family which continued to enjoy their lakeside home, three hours up the road from Lansing, as a get-away from all the noise of the pandemic. Interestingly, her family probably was driving through Midland in order to reach their Shangri-La in the woods. Not anymore though, thanks to the dam water.

Now, Whitmer is determined to prosecute those “responsible” for the dam disaster. Considering that a major suspect is Mother Nature’s heavy rains which broke the dams’ backs, I cannot wait for Whitmer v. God to reach the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s not the Second Coming many of us were expecting, but it should be biblical. I can visualize the Michigan Attorney General telling the SCOTUS, “God, (didn’t) dam it!” (More on that “mental giant” in just a bit.)

The other reason Federal financial help may be less-than-guaranteed for the dam problem all comes down to a senior state elected official having a big mouth, clearly visible despite the fact that her head is firmly planted in the southern hemisphere of her body.

Earlier this week, President Trump toured and spoke at a Ford Motor Company auto plant that had been converted to make much-needed (but not as much as Dem governors claimed, ahem) ventilators. Trump was there to thank the men and women of Ford for basically recreating the “Arsenal of Democracy” the automakers became during World War II when they turned their operations over to build tanks and Jeep vehicles. (CORRECTED: Ford built 277,000 Jeep vehicles during the war while "inventor" Willy’s built 360,000 Jeeps. Ford had much more capacity for the U.S. Army) Ford Motor and its people were heroes then, and heroes now.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel had warned the Commander-in-Chief in advance of the plant appearance that he MUST wear a mask while touring the facility and speaking to the workers. Trump took that “order” and basically said “Shove it!" Michigan political leaders have lately been very fond of ordering around both their citizens and, this week, the President of the United States. In fact, just yesterday Governor Whitmer extended her “stay-at-home” edict to June 12 after previous extensions, all of which have gotten a lot of Michiganders “hangry.”

Almost immediately after Trump’s appearance sans-mask at the Ford plant, AG Nessel publicly informed Trump that he was no longer welcome in Michigan after violating her “order,” a day after the s—t hit the dam. Ve have vays of making you mask!”

Nice timing, Dana. Your “biting the hand that feeds you” qualifies you for a top job at the World Health Organization when this AG gig is over (mostly likely soon).

Here’s what President Trump should do. Gather the much-needed dam financial aid Michigan will, without question “demand,” put it in the Presidential limo, and drive from D.C. to the Michigan border town of Toledo, Ohio. Open the trunk and show the gathered Michigan and national media the hundreds of millions of aid cash and then crank up the boogie box, playing M.C. Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This.” He should replace his MAGA cap with one that reads “The OTHER Michigan woman said I am not welcome in her state.”

Dam! I guess the old saying about “loose lips” may result in those lips kissing Trump’s keister in the near future.

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