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Posted by David (Member # 1) on :
"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest"
(Matthew 11:28).

As a drug addict is never satisfied, so a religious addict is never satisfied. The drug addict and the religious addict must always search for a bigger and better "high". Without this high they are irritable and bad-tempered. Deny them their "fix" and they will become intolerable. Suggest that they have a problem and they will begin to view YOU as the problem. Some say they are really hungry and thirsty for God, so they are going to go here or there because they want "fresh fire" or "greater anointing" or whatever. What they are really hungry and thirsty for is a fix, a spiritual experience, a feeling of power, a manifestation, the feeling of a gentle breeze blowing on them, someone to wave their hand over them and give them a "new word" and so on. Where is Christ in this kind of an atmosphere? In this orgy of sensation He is nowhere to be found.

We must stop looking for a Jesus "out there" and look for the Christ who is within us. If we would just once come to Christ in simplicity we would immediately meet Him. It would be better for us to lock ourselves alone into a room and just sit there quietly before the Lord for one hour than to travel back and forth to all these meetings, looking for something loud, powerful, and demonstrative. It is the Spirit which gives Life; the flesh profits nothing. I have one question: are you satisfied after all those experiences? If you are, then why do you have to keep running around for more of the same? Do you abide in Christ as Life, or not? And if you are not satisfied, can you not see why?

From: Chip Brogden

Posted by winniethepooh (Member # 6131) on :
So true. The search for Christ begins within!! If we search for Christ in the world we will often be left diassapointed.
Posted by niel (Member # 6113) on :
I cannot agree with you more, even here in South Africa and all over the world Christians running from one course to another motivational speaker. In the meantime God is waiting for us to sit still so that He can speak to us in the “breeze of the evening”, like with Adam and Eve. In the Garden of Eden God actually reveals why He created man, for a love relationship and to communication. When Adam and Eve were in the garden, God become so exited every time when He came down for the evening stroll. Then God with passion listen to how they plant this tree or name that animal and actually how they enjoys the things He specially created for man. Then one evening they where not there, and God cried out “Adam where are you” (can you feel the pain). No more love relationship no more communication. That’s why He sends His Son to live within us and heal this relationship so that we can have 24/7 communications. Let us stop running around and be still so that we can enjoy the presents of our loving Father and share it with those around us.

Niel [clap2]
Posted by Eden (Member # 5728) on :
Hi, winniethepooh. You said:

So true. The search for Christ begins within!! If we search for Christ in the world we will often be left disappointed.

Eden here:

You say, The search for Christ begins within? I think instead that for most (if not all) people of the world, the search for Christ FIRST begins OUTSIDE of us, and NOT first within.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. And, how shall they hear, lest they be sent {a preacher}?

Once the Bible was PRINTED in the 16th century, people held Bibles OUTSIDE of them and they read the Bibles and they got saved WITHIN. Their INSIDES were saved AFTER they had LEARNED SOMETHING ON THEIR OUTSIDE.

I therefore think that the search for Christ does not first begin WITHING, but the search for Christ FIRST begins OUTSIDE of us, and LATER the within comes (IF that person believed INSIDE what he has been reading and hearing on the OUTSIDE for a while now).

Be blessed.


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