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Why Did God Tell Zedekiah to Surrender to Nebuchadnezzar? —
Israel as a nation had become seriously corrupt

Israel no longer worshiped God in truth

Israel had replaced God with idols

Israel acted like her pagan neighbors

Israel had been repeatedly warned by Jeremiah (and other prophets) to turn back to God – they had no excuse

Israel was destroying God’s reputation to the world, dragging His Name through the mud (Israel was to have been salt and a light on a hill, Matthew 5:13-16)

Israel had lost all sense of who they were and why they had been created as a nation

Israel’s leaders had become self-aggrandizing, arrogant, and totally corrupt

Israel was killing the very prophets God had sent to warn them of approaching judgment because of their failure to live lives that pleased God

Israel’s leaders chose to listen to false prophets who told them judgment was not coming

This is all clearly spelled out in Jeremiah.

His purposes for Israel, and in general, how He deals with wayward humanity. Sometimes, He sends judgment because it is deserved.

In Israel’s case, the nation had become so corrupt, so far fallen from God that there was nothing left for God to do except send judgment. If you spend time reading Jeremiah from chapter one to Jeremiah 39, you will clearly see that God tried many times to regain that nation’s loyalty. He sent prophets like Jeremiah to the leaders of Israel. Too often, false prophets disagreed with the real prophets and the leaders chose to believe the false prophets because their words sounded convincing and the results were more to Israel’s (leaders) liking.

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