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Posted by Caretaker (Member # 36) on :
The Word of God teaches that God is from the beginning, that He created man in His image, and that He established His rules and guidelines.

The liberal educators teach that man eventually arose from the earliest lifeforms from a primordial "soup", and that as the prehistoric hominids evolved from subsistence into tribal hunter gatherers they evolved and created their image of 'gods'.

The Bible declares that God created man. Liberal educators declare that man created God. This is why from a liberal perspective there can be no absolute truth, and that social morals and culture is arbitrary. Liberal morality is based upon the shifting sand of social convenience. Life has no intrinsic value apart from its ability to contribute to the betterment of the whole, and the base value is an anything goes mentality as long as the majority is accepting.

A society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable, but when secular society establishes the parameters for judging, the vulnerable and undesireable can be sacrificed upon the alters of convenience.

God has declared that He knew each of us from before the foundation of the earth, and each precious one has great value..

Social liberalism declares that none has intrinsic value unless a productive part of society, that unwanted fetuses can be butchered up to the moment of birth, and that the elderly and unproductive can be murdered when they become inconvenient.

Eugenics arose out of Darwin's Theories of Origins, with the motto, breed the best and sterilize the rest. It was very popular in western culture in the early 1900's, and one of the attendees at the Geneva Eugenic's conference of 1929, held in Geneva, Switzerland, was Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. An underlying impetus behind Margaret Sanger's vision was to sterlize the negro and impoverished masses, so only the best would produce a better "human species". The Nazi programs first emptied the mental institutions, and followed with the infirmeries and sanitariums, then the homosexuals and social outcasts such as the gypsies, followed by the Jews, and the less pure races. It followed the premise of Eugenics to its natural conclusion.

God has declared intrinsic value in each individual from the moment of conception.

Social liberalism rejects God and establishes the parameters of values.

I will stand for what God has declared as His Words of Truth.
Posted by WildB (Member # 2917) on :
God has declared intrinsic value in each individual from the moment of conception.

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