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Posted by Eden (Member # 5728) on :
Do you think God forces the circumstances so that each person is born in a specific country?

Does God determine who is born where, in what country?

with love to you,
Posted by sevenlamps (Member # 6715) on :
This is an intriguing question Eden. I am not sure what you are asking. In Jeremiah God told him He knew him before he was formed in the womb. We are all remarkable creations. A woman is fertilized with millions of sperm cells, but only one reaches the egg. And that is accomplished by a competitive swim. We are all swimming champions before we are born. Now what if a pregnant woman took a trip to another country and had her baby there while visiting a relative. Strange circumstances can come into play here and maybe they are orchestrated by God. His ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.
Posted by Eden (Member # 5728) on :
If I am born, say, in Islamic Saudi Arabia or in Islamic Shia Iran, would I have the same chance to become a Christian than if I was born in the USA Christian California?

I have heard that becoming a christian in some of these Islamic countries is punishable by death thru stoning or beheading or otherwise.

I was wondering, is there some mechanism whereby the Righteous Judge of all, the LORD GOd of Israel and His Son Jesus of Nazareth will compensate someone for being born, say, in Islamic Saudi Arabia, so that this person in Islamic Saudi Arahia has the same chance as me to become a bornagain Christian?

I was thinking that there has to be some mechanism to make it equal among all the tribes on earth?

Thank you!
Posted by Eden (Member # 5728) on :
Let's say someone is born in Mecca in midwest Saudi Arabia.

Does this person have the same chance to become a bornagain Christian as me?

with love through Him,
Posted by sevenlamps (Member # 6715) on :
This is an interesting thought Eden because christian faith could be a gift from a mother to a child by simply choosing the country she wants the child to live in. I'm sure there are many women who find themselves in that situation. If I were a mother I would want my children to grow up in a strong evangelical country where there would be much support for the child to grow in the christian faith.
Posted by Chaplain Bob (Member # 5019) on :
There is no doubt that God knows what will happen and who will be born where. But I can find no Scripture that indicates God dictates where people are born.

I can see this thread leading to a "If God dictates where people are born then it's His fault when people are lost in false religions" discussion. I certainly hope I'm wrong.
Posted by corriee (Member # 6705) on :
I have wondered that also. In my prayers I have
thanked God for letting me be born to Christian parents, grandparents and in a Christian country. Even in the south that was the Bible Belt (so they say.) I do not know how this works out, but I am sure those of us given this opportunity will be judged by what we did with it. I don't know the answer of course.
Posted by Eden (Member # 5728) on :
If I am born in Saudi Arabia where converting to Islam [I mean Christianity, thanks sevenlamps] is punishable by death, and Islam has governed Arabia since the 600s A.D., am I just a "bad" product of my parents' choices and of the choices of THEIR parents between now and the 600s A.D.?

I know it is easier to become a Christian in USA America than in Islamic Saudi Arabia after the 600s A.D.

So does the God of Israel have to give everybody on earth an EQUAL CHANCE to be saved, or is that not required? And if not, why not required?

Posted by sevenlamps (Member # 6715) on :
Your post is confusing Eden as you are saying converting to Islam in Saudi Arabia is punishable by death. Is that a typo? Countries who have severe penalties like that are oppressive and therefore under a curse. They are controlling. The bible says where the spirit of the Lord is their is liberty. The bible also says that God is love and defines that love in I Corinthians chapter 13. This question is theological in that it presumes that God is not fair. Mideast countries were given an oppurtunity to receive Christ long before America became a nation. There are many prophecies about the Arab countries in the bible. Before testing God on His fairness you should study what the bible says about these people.
Posted by Eden (Member # 5728) on :
Hi, sevenlamps. Thanks for pointing that typo out to me, I fixed it in the post above, with ref. to your correction.

I don't think that this Topic is meant to imply that God is not fair.

This Topic is asking instead, If it is much easier to become a Christian, say in the USA or even in Europe or south America or Australia, does God have to do something to make the opportunity equally easy or hard for everyone?

Or does that not matter? Is the fact that someone is born in Islamic Saudi Arabia just the choices of all their previous generations and hence, that's just tough luck that one is born in Saudi Arabia where converting from Islam to Christianity is punishable by death?

Will God have to do or do something separate for these people who clearly have less of a chance to become a bornagain Christian, like preach to them one more time, or not? What do you think?

love, Eden
Posted by sevenlamps (Member # 6715) on :
Eden,good question. I think there is a lot more going on in these countries than what we are aware of. Yet they are still resisting the gospel at the expense of the souls of their citizens. Doesn't it say somewhere in the bible that the blood of the prophets and saints will testify against the kings of the earth, or something like that? I'll have to research that. I read lot's of reports of people that ARE being saved in these countries. Our prayer team frequently asks God to send Jesus to the spiritually hungry citizens of these countries in dreams and visions because borders and restrictions cannot keep those from happening. We have heard many such testimonies so we know our prayers are being answered. I encourage everyone to petition the Lord in this way. There must be a way to bring salvation without plowing up the bad soil. If that happens I would think many lives would be lost. Nevertheless good soil is necessary for a good harvest. So how can we get good soil in these countries. I think they know they need that if we can show them how to do it. The good soil is prepared BEFORE the seed(JESUS) is planted. Maybe that is the 'love your enemies' part of Matthew chapter 5. We can bring that to the Father in prayer also.

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