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The "RINOS" Accountability Project
181K subscribers?
Paid for this

This ad was paid for by Republicans for Voting Rights – – an anti-Trump group that includes testimonials from several Never-Trumpers on their front page. was founded by top Never-Trumpers Bill Kristol, Mona Charen, Linda Chavez, Sarah Longwell, and Andy Zwick in 2019.

The ad was paid for by Defending Democracy Together an anti-Trump group.

The long-anticipated Arizona audit is here. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it’s just another iteration of the Big Lie that Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

Two Republican elections officials in Arizona, Bill Gates and Stephen Richer, are calling out the audit for what it is: a fraud, a sham, and a multimillion-dollar grift.

The audit also found that Maricopa County officials erased the voting machines before they were turned over to the audit team.

WOW! Q-1 Why are they not calling out open borders instead?

Staff Directory ~ Maricopa County

Ask Sellers, Jack this Q-1 1st. Supervisor, District 1


Then ask this "RINO" Bill Gates.

Gates, Bill ~Chairman, District 3
Chairman Gates, District 3


Then ask if they were aware of this.

Whistleblower Alleges DHS Chief Mayorkas is Threatening to Terminate Significant Portion of Border Patrol Workforce if They Don’t Get Covid Vax by November

September 28, 2021, 10:32pm
by Cristina Laila

A whistleblower came forward and alleged DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas is threatening to terminate border patrol agents who don’t get the Covid vaccine by November.

So border patrol agents must be vaccinated, but the illegal aliens flooding over the border are not subjected to any vaccine or testing mandates. story

HUGE DEVELOPMENT! They Got Caught! 24 Criminal Operatives Caught on Video Stuffing Dropbox with 1,900 Ballots in 3 Days (VIDEO)

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This group got 50 million from who?

POLITICS 08/27/2020 04:43 am ET Updated Aug 27, 2020

Ex-Trump DHS Official Turns Against Him, Backs Biden In Damning Ad ran back then before the election?

A former high-ranking official in the Department of Homeland Security under President Donald Trump has come out against his reelection and said she’ll be voting for Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Elizabeth Neumann, who served in the department until April of that year, cited the rise of white supremacy under Trump as well as the president’s failures in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Elizabeth Neumann tells Trump: “You were hired to handle America’s worst day and you’ve absolutely failed.”

Earlier that month, Miles Taylor the former chief of staff of the Department of Homeland Security under Trump; also came out against the president and endorsed Biden in a video for Republican Voters Against Trump.

Just more worms crawling out of the rot.

Neumann and Taylor have formed the Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform, or REPAIR, and are working to recruit other former Trump officials into coming out against him.

Politico reported that the group is backed by Bill Kristol, the former Weekly Standard editor who is also behind Republican Voters Against Trump.

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H.R.5430 - United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Implementation Act116th Congress (2019-2020)
LawHide Overview
Sponsor: Rep. Hoyer, Steny H. [D-MD-5] (Introduced 12/13/2019)(by request)
Committees: House - Ways and Means; Education and Labor; Natural Resources; Foreign Affairs; Judiciary; Budget; Transportation and Infrastructure; Financial Services; Agriculture; Energy and Commerce; Oversight and Reform | Senate - Appropriations; Budget; Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Environment and Public Works; Finance; Foreign Relations; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
Committee Meetings: 01/15/20 10:15AM 01/15/20 10:00AM 01/15/20 10:00AM (All Meetings)
Committee Reports: H. Rept. 116-358; S. Rept. 116-283
Latest Action (modified): 01/29/2020 Became Public Law No: 116-113. (TXT | PDF) (All Actions)
Roll Call Votes: There have been 3 roll call votes
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to Ch4 Detriot,
then they content deactivated – me

You people do know that propagating this experiment on the America people indirectly still makes you supportable to a war crime.

A proper knowledge for consent has never been established.

Violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1540 (2004) - UNODA

Let it be know this day that the Biden People signed off on this in 2020 after his illegal election placement.

You have opened each and every one involved in this propagating this bio Attack, to an international prosecution.

All is known. You have been warned.

The investigation and prosecution of international crimes—including genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes—is a fundamental component of transitional justice.

It has roots in international legal obligations that can be traced back to the Nuremberg trials, and continue with the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and Rwanda (ICTR).

Investigations and trials of powerful leaders (whether political or military) help strengthen the rule of law and send a strong signal that such crimes will not be tolerated in a rights-respecting society.

Trials remain a key demand of victims. When conducted in ways that reflect victims’ needs and expectations, they can play a vital role in restoring their dignity and delivering justice.

In 2002, the Rome Statute established the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC investigates and prosecutes individuals responsible for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity (Covid19) committed since July 1, 2002—in cases where countries are unwilling or unable to do so.

You must now really think about what you are saying to the public, any and all.

All is known. You have been warned.

Most Respectfully,


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