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Author Topic: Synchronous Orbital Characteristics of Earth
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The Earth's motion exhibits several characteristics as it travels around the Sun. The Earth's year is a complicated, three-dimensional process with interactions to the Sun and to the Moon. Some of the processes are inter-dependent and some are not. For example, the speed of the Earth's rotation on its axis is not related to how long it takes to circle the Sun one time. In other words, the 24-hour period we call a day is not related to the number of days in a year. Other planets in our Solar System have different periods of time associated with the day and with the year; this fact is intuitive. That period called the 'year' is defined by the masses of both bodies and the distance between them in accordance with Newton. The unrelated periods associated with the 'day' and the 'year' are randomly based on a quasi-equilibrium reached long ago. There is an interesting relationship between the Earth and the Sun that is unusual and very favorable to our existence; but first, some background.

The Earth rotates on its North-South, (or vertical), axis once every 24-hours. There is a minor wobble associated with this rotation that is easily understood considering several factors including:

• the movement of fluid in the core
• the Earth is not homogeneous
• the Earth is not a true sphere
• the pull of the Moon

The Moon's period about the Earth is not synchronously related to the day or to the year. The lunar month and the calendar month are tracked separately to this day by differing cultures. There is an obscure harmonic of the Moon's period with respect to the physical year. It consists of about five, 12-year periods. The lunar New Year can start any time from the last part of January to the middle of February. This lunar calendar has been tracked for at least 4,600 years even though it does not logically correspond to more readily observable phenomena.

There is another anomaly. It is the Earth's attitude with respect to the Sun. The Earth presents a constantly changing aspect angle to the Sun during the year. There is a total of 47 degrees difference in this attitude between winter and summer. The solstice occurs twice a year when the Sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer and when the Sun is directly over the Tropic of Capricorn. For the purpose of this observation, the Sun is fixed and the Earth tilts 23.5 degrees off the equator exactly twice a year. This tilt creates the seasons. It is interesting to note that the Earth is actually closer to the Sun during the northern winter.

What then are the mechanics of this tilt? It is logical to assume that objects placed in complicated orbits like the Earth and Moon would have some non-symmetrical characteristics. Visualize the throw and spin and orbit produced by the top, a child's toy. No two throws produce the same results. It is also logical to assume that there would be some regularity to the spin and orbit that could be observed considering the span of some reasonable observation period. With a top, that observation period might only be a few milliseconds, but for the Earth, we would have to consider a longer period. However, it is not reasonable to assume that the tilt, oscillation and the orbital period would be stable, synchronized, and misaligned. In other words, why is the Earth's tilt constant with respect to the Sun without regard to the orbital position? Why are the planes not lined up?

For as long as man has kept records, and that has been for thousands of years, there have been four seasons through the two solstices. Why? Why does this happen exactly twice a year? It happens because the Earth's tilt is not in alignment with the orbital plane. There is a strong physical relationship between the Moon and the Earth, and yet the Moon’s period is not synchronized to our seasons, and the Moon does not affect our tilt. There can be no informed explanation for the physical forces that caused our orbital mechanics. There are only theories, and in the final analysis, only one thing is certain. Our seasons are a function of our perfect tilt with respect to our solar orbit. Why is this tilt 23.5 degrees? If it were just a few degrees either way, life could not exist here in abundance or with the same species spread – more than a few degrees and life would not exist at all.

Therefore, only two possibilities exist – either this perfect seasonal tilt is a random event, (a stroke of luck for life on Earth), or it is intelligent design.

Whether God spun a top and looked around at the billions of possibilities to find one that looked right for a reasonable period of time, (the random event), or whether He personally crafted our orbital mechanics, no one knows, and it does not matter. It simply cannot be fathomable for a thinking person to assume that this particular situation with these orbital mechanics exist on a perfectly sized planet with a well suited atmosphere and plenty of water a perfect distance from a right-sized star. I once thought all this and the other coincidences were possible, and now, for the life of me, I cannot understand how I was so blind with bias. It was pride in my humanity and denial that I was not the master of my destiny that blinded me.

The purpose of this short paper is to present an observation and make the reader consider something normally taken for 'granted'. If you disagree with what I have to say here, you should carefully consider your reasons. There are simply too many 'coincidences' or 'miracles' to discount 'intelligent design'. So please, think about it.

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