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Author Topic: Greetings to All!
Plymouth Fury
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i am a recently reawoken Christian. i even did a Gospel Song actually i wrote and recorded 2 but the 1st one was lost when my Channel got taken down....

i desperately need the help of this Community. i am going to tell you guys my Story and i hope i am not breaking any Rules by asking for help like this; but i am desperate.

i am going to try my best to explain how i got to this point. But it is liable to be rather long-winded; it is quite a Tale, so I hope you will be Patient with me, dear Reader.

When i first took Youtube up on their Offer to join the Youtube Partner Program i was dirt poor, subsisting on 700$ a month with monthly bills of 600+....and i worked and i sweated like a DOG, mirroring my friends and subscribers important videos with their permission.... and something miraculous happened; i made just under 100$! ok i was stuck at that for quite a while, but thanks to the efforts of my friends and subs whose videos and channels i was drawing attention to, my subscriber count grew. and when i was finally able to cash out that first hundred dollars i will tell you something; the joy i felt at the prospect that i could not only do something positive and creative that i simply love to do (and i say creative because despite the fact that in the early days a lot more of my content was mirrored, i would usually put my intro at the beginning and the end and also sometimes provide commentary and funny edits) and actually make money doing it. i thought it was too good to be true (which it was, but ill get to that part)! for the first time since January of 2012 when an electrical fire ripped through my home, destroying all 11 of my Guitars and my Father's Technics KN-3000 (yep, same model that Leonard Cohen really does play itself) that he left me in his Will, killing my Dog and cat and rendering me a homeless nomad, i began to climb out of my depression! as my subs and revenue grew, i started eating better, my bills were paid on time, my fridge was always full and i started to buy instruments again! i just cannot accurately describe how Uplifted i was in such an obviously limited format as this. i was starting to finally feel a bit like my old self again for the first time in years.

now around the time i began to make money with my Channel, i and another Youtuber by the name of Donald Marshall were invited to participate in a live stream hosted by the user PacLives. this user then proceeded to backstab and turn against us both for no reason other than he must just have been insanely jealous of our Fan i wrote a song about it and posted it, not really thinking too much about it because it honestly wasnt that good... as usual my default tags were there with additions added pertaining to the specific content of the video. PacLives then proceeded to threaten me, Donald Marshall, and several others with death and violence, posted our Addresses in several Livestreams and insanely told me specifically that men in BLACK were coming to get me! numerous complaints on a multitude of such videos were filed by myself and several others, cases were opened, and absolutely nothing was done. the offending videos remain up to this day.

i must also point out that, according to my sources, PacLives was monetized during the entire affair and as far as i know he is still monetized. eventually i just digressed from the entire issue because i got tired of sending the same reports over and over....and i came down off my pink cloud a bit because it seemed like youtube were indifferent; but at the end of the day i wasnt afraid of anyone (or any thing) showing up at my house because i am well protected.... so i continued what i was doing and tried my best not to think about all the evil vile disgusting things he said in those livestreams, which youtube seems to condone because nothing was done and they are still up.
and then, this happened; i accidentally erased all the Descriptions in all my Videos.

i was freaked out...i emailed youtube about it; i was told there was nothing they could do about it on their end. luckily i had started cloning my uploads on bitchute by that point, so i set about the mammoth task of copy/pasting the descriptions back one by one (a task which continued right up until they destroyed my Channel a second time and which had gotten very difficult due to the slowness of my computer and my failing health...but i still managed to put on a brave face and produce content, and i was committed to fixing all the descriptions eventually) and i figured that would be the end of it.
one day shortly after the above unfortunate accident, my YPP privileges were revoked and my Monetization was taken away, right before Christmas. the reason originally given was "Reused Content". the message i received said i couldnt reuse content without permission/proper documentation (the Dscriptions accident i was Honest enough to tell Youtube about, totally used against Me) and it was suggested that i add something meaningful to stuff that i do mirror.

needless to say, i was utterly devastated. i reached out to support, and explained that i am part of a tightly knit group of Content Creators who mirror each others videos and advertise each others a lot of youtubers have always done... i explained that the term for what we do is called C-9, which means that permission is granted to repost/repurpouse important videos within our community. it is something that, within our circles, is widely accepted as completely normal and acceptable and, indeed, an important and invaluable method of spreading information about important topics within said circles. i basically proved that it was utterly impossible for me to be guilty of such a thing when my work is taken in context, promised to continue fixing the descriptions and asked for my monetization to be re-instated, given the fact that i had absolutely no strikes whatsoever and my account was in good standing.
it took awhile; i think i was demonetized right through Christmas with my money basically frozen (ruining my holidays completely, forcing me to bring the instruments i had just started to replace over to the Pawnshop and hock them just to eat food and buy a couple of cheap Christmas presents for loved ones, where they remain to this day)....b ut in January i recieved an apology for the mistake and boom, i was back in action! and once again i started to feel better and see some light at the end of the dark tunnel.

then i noticed something so alien, so insidious and downright impossibly EVIL happening that at first i thought i must be imagining it, or it was some sort of was not. my views were going up, my subs were going up, but my Revenue was going down. revenue that was already in my account....revenue that i had already made! in other words, Ads were served to customers, and i was paid accordingly. i knew it was impossible for this to be happening, so again i reached out to support and Documented, with screencaps, the money literally melting away by the Hundreds of Dollars...and it was happening fast. i was frantic, i thought i was being Hacked! the response i got from youtube twisted my mind so much, hurt and destroyed my self esteem, my sense of worth, to such a degree that i have never recovered. i was told that the earnings are accurate, and Youtube removes "false clicks"... in other words, clicks that i myself might be responsible for (which is, of course, impossible because although i do proofwatch my videos at least once to make sure everything turned out properly, i use Adblocker when i do) or...and this is the part that blew my mind.... clicks from Subscribers which were purchased illegally.

i had no was like opening your front door to find a BIGFOOT in your garden; my brain just froze. i had never been so fundamentally and unjustly insulted in all my life. never had i been treated with such malice and evil by any company ever. i vehemently denied any wrongdoing, and argued that 500 dollars (and counting) removed for "false clicks" was completely impossible, as my revenue was usually around that. i absolutely denied ever purchasing subscribers... i was not even aware such a thing was possible, and wouldnt have know the first thing about how to go about it...all my subs were gained the old fasioned way; with hard work. i repeated this again and again....i sent screencap after screencap of my money dwindling away in realtime... i screamed, i ranted, i cursed....i begged and pleaded. to absolutely no avail. once again, i was devestated.
turned out i hadnt seen nothing yet.

while this latest narcissistic and mentally damaging torture was going on, i received a warning on that Music Video i did about PacLives, of all things...and i thought to myself "you warn Me about a bloody song and leave his Death Threat videos with my Address in them right on up after we complained about him multiple times and theres Ads running on them while you steal my monney for false clicks?!" and its a good thing i documented everything with screencaps and saved all the emails because no one would believe this complete insanity....and that was around when i began to hate Youtube. that was the turning point... and if you look at my videos chronologically you can see my descent into the anger and depair that youtube deliberately caused me to suffer.
and it wasnt over. oh no, not by a long shot.

so just to recap and make sure we are crystal clear on these points; according to my disgusting and ridiculous treatment by Youtube, death threat DOXX videos are ad-friendly, people like PacLives (who btw we actually caught buying subs and pointed out the evidence to youtube with absolutely no results or action taken against him) can make money no problem while i, who have never bought subs and didnt even know such a thing was a thing, get nailed with false click accusations and illegally extorted of my hard-earned ad-revenue.

of course, i reached out yet again about this supposed warning, and was told it had to do with the metatags...and i thought, ok i suppose that makes sense because the video had the same default tags that are in ALL my Videos.... but PacLives and the entire fiasco that happened with him is directly and intrinsically related to the content described by those default tags! but it was late, so i said sure whatever i give up...ill just erase all the tags in the morning and put the word "rap song" instead. and so, after being awake for 3 days, i fell asleep physically and emotionally exhausted.
i awoke some time later, i dont know how long i slept...when you have been awake that long you dont really feel rested when you wake up... i groggily logged on to fix the tags as i had intended to do. i couldnt log in to youtube. i typed in my url, and felt a knife slide into my entire Channel was gone.

unless you are a Youtuber you cant possibly understand what that did to me. Gone. the wonderful blessing of being self-employed; the incredible sense of Empowerment and Satisfaction that comes from being a success at something you love to do, evaporated overnight. years of work unceremoniously and callously wiped off the face of the earth as if it had never existed, for a blatant LIE: "repeated violations" of guidelines?! i went ballistic. i had not one single strike on my Channel at the time. all i had was a lousy warning about my metatags on a Diss track being possibly misleading....i managed to get through to support using another Channel, and thank the Gods i got my Channel back (after a cruel and unjustifiably torturous amount of complete silent indifference) without, i might add, the missing revenue falsely (and possibly illegally) stolen from me for nonexistant false clicks. on top of which, my Channel was given back to me totally broken; somehow during the time it was completely offline i got a strike. how in the name of the Gods is such a thing even possible! and then i got another. and then i was demonetized again! for the same reused content reason that i had successfully argued against! after Youtube admitted they made a mistake! thus ruining my birthday and once again, plunging me back into poverty, mental anguish and depression.

if i had known that monetization would lead to such unmitigated trauma and suffering i would never have enabled it in the first place. what was done to me was so cruel, so downright evil and fundamentally destructive to my already traumatized Psyche that i fear that i will never be the same again. Youtube just doesnt understand what they do to Creators when they punish us like that; they just dont. if they knew, if they really knew how much Financial and Psychological damage they were doing to people, they would never do it.

i suppose i just dont want to believe anybody could be so deliberately cruel and heartlessly indifferent to a 50 year old victim of Childhood rape and fiery destruction for such a ridiculously insignificant and vague reason as "reused content" while Monetizing and promoting a Youtuber who has repeatedly made death threats and posted peoples personal information, including my own, in his Livestreams and running ads on the very videos i am talking about, which are still up to this day.

i reached out once again when i was demonetized for the second time for the same reason (even though i made changes to my style after the first time, a fact which can be observed chronologically in my back catalog) trying in vain to make youtube understand that you cannot make a mistake and then go back and make the same mistake again and punish me for it. and that, i believe, is where Sheila (God Bless her sweet Soul) and Case # 3-6482000027593 comes in....i was told that team youtube had supposedly re-reviewed my channel, which i dont believe they did fairly and thouroughly if at all, otherwise they would have seen that i had changed my format significantly after my first demonetization and was consistently leaning more towards the format that i produce today, which is passionate commentary on important topics, mirroring videos yes, but nowhere near as much, and always with commentary and editorializing, putting both my face and my voice into videos once i figured out a way to do it with this outdated and obsolete equipment i am using. my work ethic has never changed: "you got to use what you got to get what you want." James brown said that on a 45 record (ill just assume that you guys actually know what records are lol) i heard when i was 11 years old, and it has stuck with me all my life.

so i started experimenting with desktop streaming and stuff in an attempt to transform my format according to what Youtube suggested; adding something valuable to the content that enhances it in some way. and when i read the result of the re-review once again i was blown away. i was told that the majority of the videos that had the most views were reused content. i was also told that in order to get Monetization back i would have to permanently delete all my re-used content from the Platform.

i was stunned to the point of Derp. how could Youtube have gone from "oops sorry we made a mistake" to "you will have to delete all the videos that actually bring in revenue for both of us in order to fix our mistake, which we have now made twice."

do you see how completely cruel, unjustified and evil this is? it is akin to inviting a starving homeless man to your house for dinner, giving him an entree and slapping the Main Course out of his mouth and evicting him from the premises with prejudice. of course, i refused to do any such thing...and if you look back on the transcripts you will see that i was quite polite about first. but as has been consistently demonstrated throughout this entire fiasco, i ran out of patience REAL quick, and slipped back into vehemence and depression and gratuitous cursing and swearing even though i knew it would get me nowhere, even though Sheila from @TeamYouTube warned me it would get me nowhere. i knew it wouldnt. i will admit i kind of sunk my own Battleship on that one; perhaps i should have caved in. if i had, perhaps i would not be in this ridiculous Financial Situation; but at that point i was so severely hurt and damaged that i simply didnt care. i knew Youtube would never give me back my business no matter what i did, i was convinced of that. even if i had deleted all my reused content (which would have not only been completely contrary to my Mission Statement of safeguarding and spreading important information within our Circle but which would also have been a total betrayal to my Subscriber base and inner circle of friends who support me because of the very content Youtube insanely wanted me to destroy forever) i have no doubt in my mind that Youtube would have found some other reason not to give it back, as that company has repeatedly displayed complete indifference to my cries of anguish and my tears.
when i first discovered the fantastic blessing of monetization i was happier than i have ever been in my life. it was akin to finally finding something that really was NOT too good to be true. to have a company that i helped build (had my first Channel since BEFORE google bought youtube) backing me up was incredibly empowering! only to have it ripped away the way youtube did to me....for nothing.

and now my Channel is gone again for a completely fabricated reason with no basis in Truth whatsoever. i could have done a Funding Drive and raised the Money to retrieve my Equipment right on my Channel, my Furies would have helped me....but now i cant. once again, i was falsely accused twice and struck. and if i dont do something soon, i will lose all my Musical Instruments for a third time.

i am not a beggar....i am not accustomed to this at all. it makes me feel like dirt to even type this; but i am begging you. please help me if you can.

I love you all from the bottom of my Broken Heart.


Sean Rats Leclerc aka Plymouth Fury

+1 347 903 8203

I am a starving Musician about to lose everything. please if you can help me in any way, it is much Appreciated.
Plymouth Fury - Jesus Freak (Official Video)

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