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Author Topic: I may have ADD/ADHD, please pray for me.
Eduardo Grequi
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Rose, I will be praying for you. My wife has Fibromyalgia. Since her hysterectomy, her pain has been minimal, but all her life she had to deal with it. My oldest child my son had been dealing with ADD/ADHD but since utilizing Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, he has better control.

May the Lord Bless You and keep you,


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Itty-Bitty Girl
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Originally posted by Itty-Bitty Girl:
Aww. Thank you for your concern, Kindgo. [spiny]

I am scheduled to see a physician on Saturday regarding the issue.

Aww. That had to be rescheduled to Thursday, because I arrived too late, oh well...
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I am sorry you are sick Rose. I will pray for you.
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Itty-Bitty Girl
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Months ago, someone threw a rock through our window, and the window still has not been fixed. The broken window lets the cold in, even though it has been boarded up. As the weather gets colder, the more colder it is downstairs. I am getting sick from the cold outside. The more I stay on the computer, the more sicker I get. The computer sits just feet away from the broken window. I was so cold last night, and I got really sick. The fibromyalgia made it worse.

I was feeling cold and sick while downstairs on the computer, so I went upstairs and got under a blanket and went to sleep.

My mom gave me some medicine when she woke me up. I went back to sleep and woke up and was hot. I was in so much pain. I could not sleep. I felt like my body was on fire. I was tossing and turning, but that did not help me. It hurt to lay still, I would move to get relief, but it did not help. I believe that it had something to do with the fibromyalgia mixed with a fever. My stomach hurt so bad, I felt like throwing up, I felt so terrible. I couldn't hardly breathe, I felt like I was going to die.

I feel better today, but I am still sick. My head hurts, but not that bad, though.

I hope that I'll be alright.

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Itty-Bitty Girl
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Aww. Thank you for your concern, Kindgo. [spiny]

I am scheduled to see a physician on Saturday regarding the issue.

As I have said before: if I had ADD/ADHD all of my life without even knowing it, it would be bittersweet:

Bitter- because I have had this disorder since childhood without the proper help, care and recognition for it.
Sweet- because I finally get the closure that I needed in adulthood, realizing that I was not stupid because I learn a different way and act differently from others.

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Rose [hug]

I am so sorry you are having to go through this. [crying]

I will be praying for you, all needs and concerns... [Prayer]

God bless,

Inside the will of God there is no failure. Outside the will of God there is no success.

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Itty-Bitty Girl
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Hello, everyone, it's Rose here.

This has been an issue that I feel the need to address this here and get it out in the open, because hopefully, it will add closure in my life.

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia syndrome at an early age, it is a muscle disorder.

You can read this article and learn about Fibromyalgia syndrome:

"Fibromyalgia (fi-bro-my-AL-ja) syndrome (FMS) is a chronic disorder characterized by extreme pain and tenderness in multiple muscles and joints. The term Fibromyalgia means pain in fibrous and muscular tissues. The pain occurs in areas where the muscles attach to bone or ligaments and is similar to the pain of arthritis. The joints are not affected, so they are not deformed, nor do they deteriorate as they may in arthritis.
The worst part about fibromyalgia is the pain is not localized to specific joints. The pain is felt "all over," spreading out from the spine over large areas of the body, especially in the lower back and arms. The pain can vary from muscle twitching to a burning sensation. People with fibromyalgia are susceptible to other chronic painful conditions such as osteoarthritis or migraine. The pain can vary, depending on the time of day, weather changes, physical activity, and the presence of stressful situations.
Fibromyalgia was originally named fibrositis. Fibromyalgia pain continues throughout a person’s lifetime."

Source Cited: http://www.mamashealth.com/fibromyalgia.asp


With that knowledge, I have something that has been on my mind for the last couple of days. I remember all of my life I've had a problem with learning, I have always struggled in school because of it, even though I had been tested as a child and put into the "gifted and talented/major work" program at elementary school.

But I have also struggled to keep up in school, often shy, I seemed withdrawn, I would always be polite and kind, but I would always forget things, like homework assignments and to bring pencils to class, I often lost my pencils. I would carry big books in my bookbag home and hurt my back, and then I would forget why I had brought them home in the first place. The teacher would think that I did such things on purpose, but that was not the case. I remember being a 9-year-old, asking the teacher what the homework assignment was, and she replied, "I doesn't matter, you aren't going to do it anyway". That comment lowered my self-esteem and set the wheels in motion for that terrible schoolyear and the other terrible schoolyears to come.

I had no friends, I would often be afraid of schoolmates and people in general. Because I was so afraid to speak up, I often became the object of riddicule by students and teachers. I would always have a confused and bewildered look on my face. I remember when one girl said, "She looks lost." People would make fun of me in middle school and call me stupid, and because of the stress that I was under, I could not concentrate on my work, I would be distracted by thoughts about those people and my grades would suffer. I was an easy target to pick on. I would give the right answer and everyone would think that it was wrong, because everyone believed that I was stupid and incapable of learning.

*I remember when I would sometimes take the anger out on family members(I don't do this anymore), I would scream and yell and lash out at them(I was too scared of strangers at school to ever raise my voice to others).

*I often would be impulsive, never thinking about my actions, just doing them(I still do this).

*I remember when I would run around the house all the time for no reason(I still do this).

*I remember years ago when I was running around the house and slipped on a wet kitchen floor(I forgot it was wet just minutes after my brother told me), and falling and hitting my head.

I have suffered with the symptoms and characteristics of ADD/ADHD all of my life, and it has all went unnoticed until now. I am being honest with myself, I am going to have the test done, and hopefully, it will add some closure in my life so I can at least get help for it before I start college in the Spring, so I can address this disorder and learn how to handle it the best way that I can.

Sometimes I feel that I have both ADD and ADHD. That is:
A combination of ADHD - predominantly inattentive type (commonly referred to as ADD) and
ADHD - predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type;

You can read this article and learn about ADD/ADHD:

"ADD Without Hyperactivity
From Eileen Bailey,
Your Guide to Attention Deficit Disorder.
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(For the purposes of explanation, this article will refer to girls having ADD and boys having ADHD. However, this is not to mean that girls cannot be hyperactive and boys cannot have ADD without hyperactivity. It is used for simplicity in explanation only.)

Much has been written about ADHD, and the majority of it conjures a picture in our minds of Dennis the Menace, the little boy that gets into everything, knocks over anything that can possibly fall, talks incessantly and jumps onto rather than sits down on the sofa.

We all know the child well, and at the stores we think we can spot the child with ADD. It is the little boy running up and down the aisles, the one whose mother looks exasperated and apologetic for her child’s behavior. But how about the little girl walking so quietly next to her mother, seeming to be shy and withdrawn but extremely polite, afraid to speak up and during a conversation looks confused and lost.

Would you consider the possibility that the little girl might also have ADD? Probably not.
ADD and ADHD can both be difficult and cause distractibility, forgetfulness, disorganization, difficulty following rapid conversations, and low self esteem. Both can cause difficulty in completing school work and assignments in a timely manner. Either can affect an individual’s ability to keep track of their belongings or to keep track of time.
However, there are some major differences between ADD and ADHD. Bev Price, on her website, lists some important characteristics of both.

ADD Characteristics:

Honors other’s boundaries
Overly Polite
Socially Withdrawn
Bonds with others but doesn’t attract friends

ADHD Characteristics

Physically Hyperactive
Show Off/Egotistical
Attracts friends but doesn’t easily bond
More prone toward Oppositional Defiant Disorder or Conduct Disorders

Since girls with ADD are many times very polite and quiet, their ADD may go unnoticed and undiagnosed for years. They may silently struggle and are many times very sensitive to criticsm and very emotional, causing a great deal of inner turmoil. While their hyperactive counterparts seem relatively untouched by stress around them (although this may not be true), bouncing around as if nothing mattered, the girls with ADD have a very low tolerance for stress and can become even more withdrawn, feeling as if they are not good at anything."

Source cited: http://add.about.com/cs/addthebasics/a/add.htm


I have also read that there is a link between fibromyalgia and ADD:

"There are 4 recognized types of ADHD. They are:
ADHD - predominantly inattentive type (commonly referred to as ADD);
ADHD - predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type;
ADHD -combined type (inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity); and
ADHD - Not otherwise specified.

Checking out the possibility of ADD/ADHD is never a bad idea, and this is why:
A complicating feature of this disorder is that it can mimic many other disorders, which in itself is not a problem; but conversely, many of these other disorders can also mimic ADD/ADHD - and that COULD be a potential problem. These problems require other modes of treatment and should be diagnosed separately, even if they accompany ADHD, so it is always best to be assessed by a physician to rule out any possible medical issues. This is only a partial list of disorders that tend to be associated with ADD/ADHD; some of these disorders can initially appear to be ADD/ADHD when in fact they are not, and some of them will actually be a part of the ADHD disorder:

Conduct Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Central Auditory Processing Disorder and Hearing Problems, Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression), Anxiety Disorders, Clinical Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Disruptive and Noncompliant behaviors, Eating Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Disorganization, Learning Disorders, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Asperger Syndrome, Enuresis, Fibromyalgia, and Sensory Integration. (This is the "short" list)."

Souce cited: http://experts.about.com/q/Attention-Deficit-Disorder-1526/ADD-ADHD-4.htm

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