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Author Topic: 7 states hiding Transg
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Forwarded to Hal Turner.

Our Christian BBS had over 300 hits today, (normal 50 to 80.)
I have put the bottle down and am now on station. ThanX for being you last nite! I know exactly where the vexing of soul one goes thru having to go thru some very evil things with the mind and other senses with out break.

With that I post something I put together years ago revised in your honor. Feel free to tweak it as needed. I dropped out after the 10th grade, joined the Navy and had to teach myself on putting thought to pen. At which I fail most miserably most of the time.

Atheism, Gaymonisum, Climatism, Liberalism,Trangenderisum is now America's latter day Church belief systems that the Government, over the years, has force fed the rest of us. Voiding the separation of Church and State after successfully using that commie logic to ban "Gods" 6 good neighbor Commandments that once taught and guided the conscience of America!

Gaymonisum, noun..
1. Gay-mon-is-um is a State sanctioned religion/cult who's core beliefs are that they are born this way and its not just another sin on the list.

Trangenderisum, noun..
1. Tran-gen-der-isum is a State sanctioned death cult who's core beliefs are the suicide of the soul. That one can murder what God made and make the lump left into a empty jar to be filled by more murder of the un-born and the young child, by direct force or maiming of the temple.

Atheism, noun..
1 Athe·​ism is a State sanctioned religion/cult who's core beliefs are that they, and they alone have the only belief system for others to be molded and controlled by.

Climatism, noun.
1. Clim-a-tis-um is Social-Democrat religion/cult that is used to destroy Americas industry and capitalism in the guises of Climate Change and if you don't think so they will attack you and your family in a restaurant.

Liberalism, noun.
1.lib·​er·​al·​ism is a branch of the Social-Democrat religion/cult that is used to destroy America's Past and help doom its future in the guise of "feeling's" compassion movment. .

Muhammadisum, noun..
1.Mu-ham-mad-isum is a State sanctioned religion/cult who's core beliefs are that they, and they alone have the only belief system for others and if you do not think so, they will do you as the Quran instructs.

The State is now overstepping its Constitutional Limit's by respecting these establishment's of religion/beliefs and is prohibiting the free exercise against these sinful life stile's thereof; abridging our freedom of speech and the press against said State Anti-Bible /Constitutional established beliefs.

The right of the people to peaceably assemble, to pursue happiness and to petition the government for a redress of grievances is now history because of the last cycle of stolen elections.

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of ones church, mosque, temple, murder, mayhem and perverted life style or any personal hidden evil religion.

Six of the Ten Commandments that hang empty on the American's Supreme Courts wall?

Respect your father and mother.
You must not commit murder.
You must not commit adultery.
You must not steal.
You must not give false evidence against your neighbor.
You must not be envious of your neighbor's goods. You shall not be envious of his house nor his wife, nor anything that belongs to your neighbor.

That is all.....

That is all.....

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Schools in 7 states hiding Transg from Parents! —

A confidential new school form instructs teachers to hide a student's transgenderism from parents (see below), reports ChristianNewsWire.

The "Gender support form" is marked "confidential" and asks by what pronoun a child prefers to be addressed. It then asks "are the student's parents aware of their gender status?" and "what level is the parent's support?" and "if support is low, what considerations must be made in implementing this plan?"

Then follows a deceptive plan to use different pronouns for the child at school than what they tell the parents in school-home communications.

"The saga of secrecy continues, this time at Buckingham Collegiate Charter Academy (BCCA) in the northern California town of Vacaville. In a move that may soon go district wide, Buckingham administrators have cited AB 1266 and CA Education Code 220 as the legal foundation for keeping parents/guardians completely in the dark if their child requests a Gender Support Plan (GSP) at school. (See below for excerpts from the GSP template)," writes Capitol Resource Institute.

One Buckingham administrator told the staff to not even tell parents the document exists, when neither AB 1266 nor the Ed Code policy requires any such thing.

But thankfully, concerned parents are blowing the whistle.

Tellingly, the Buckingham principal has never cited a Vacaville Unified School District (VUSD) Board Policy or Administrative Regulation about this because one doesn't exist.

Instead sources close to the school point to the district Equity Task Force, formed in 2020, as a driving force behind this policy. This is the same group that recommended the CRT strategies while excluding "white" staff members during the suggestion period.

A watchdog group, Parents Defending Education warns parents to "beware and know that this is happening in your town, too! You must be vigilant and remain engaged," and that teachers may feel threatened by the possibility of losing their job or of more severe legal consequences, if they tell parents.

Parents Defending Education also created a list of 35 school districts in 7 states by state that have Transgender/Gender Nonconforming Policies that openly state that district personnel can or should keep a student's transgender status hidden from parents. Those states include California, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, and Nevada.

Take Action! Sign our petition to:

Dear [Rep/Sen] [First/Lastname]:

This petition requests that you OPPOSE and REPEAL the Common Core Education Standards imposed by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, formerly known as "No Child Left Behind."

Also pass laws that stop every federal and state agency from promoting sexual deviance and trans-genderism to innocent confused children, and make it impossible for future administrations to withhold funding from schools that do not comply with modern LGBT indoctrination demands.

STOP BULLYING Christian kids who resist pro-homosexual indoctrination. Specifically please oppose and resist any legislation or amendment that requires mandatory pro-LGBT lectures to public school children, or promotes sin under the false disguise of bullying prevention.

STOP THREATENING TO CUT FUNDING TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS THAT WON'T PROMOTE TRANSGENDERISM AS NORMAL, or violate privacy and safety of girls by forcing them to endure co-ed locker rooms and bathrooms.

Stop the immoral COMMON CORE STANDARDS, which violate the 1979 National Education Act, which forbids federal curricula from being imposed on local schools. SEX EDUCATION IS THE PARENT'S JOB, not the government's job. Local school boards should decide these matters, not federal bullies who threaten parental rights and every child’s right to not be mentally molested by sexual predators disguised as educators.

Protect America's kids. PLEASE OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER all LGBT child abuse toward innocent children, and stop homo-sexualizing our children with anti-Christian propaganda.

That is all.....

Posts: 8775 | From: USA, MICHIGAN | Registered: Mar 2004  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator

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