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Author Topic: Society In Reverse
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Originally posted by seekingredemption:

We are not descendants of the monkey that still swings from trees today.


We are not descendants of monkeys at all.

God tells us that on the same day He made all animals that walk on the earth (the sixth day), He created man separately in His own image with the intent that man would have dominion over every other living thing on earth (Genesis 1:26–28). From this it is clear that there is no animal that is man’s equal, and certainly none his ancestor.

From: Did Humans Really Evolve from Apelike Creatures?

Plow on, plow on...
David Campbell

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The human evolution shown above, in my view is not correct. Humans did not evolve in the sequence shown above.

Having said that, if humans evolved from monkeys then one must ask, why are there still monkeys swinging from trees today-?
Where they off forging in the underbrush when the big change occurred-?

We are not descendants of the monkey that still swings from trees today.


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I am not pushing Darwinism, but American society seems to be going in the opposite direction.

After adjournment of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin answered almost immediately “A republic, if you can keep it.”

After this past election, the Democrats, if they were honest, would have answered the same question with, “An oligarchy, if WE can keep it.” An oligarchy is simply government run by a select few. Democrats knew Biden was incapable of being president and with an approval rating of 15%, Congress is much too busy enriching themselves and creating ways to punish Trump for breathing.

The Great American Experiment’, an experiment in faith, freedom and self-government

We have always been called ‘The Great American Experiment’, an experiment in faith, freedom and self-government. It was coined by George Washington and later picked up by the great French political scientist, Alexis de Tocqueville in his 1835 book, ‘Democracy in America’.

From the start, America was a place where things were done differently. No kings, queens, or dictators ruled, only people governing themselves. It was always a predominately Christian nation, and because of that everyone was welcomed at the table. In the 18th century, a foreign concept, indeed.

Then along came the 20th century young Democrats, those that took to heart the teachings of their communist, secular professors. They picked at every flaw in our history as if no other country on earth had any periods or incidents of disrepute, using that to ‘prove’ America is a failed society.

Today, those brash young Democrats are now old brash Democrats. They look down proudly at what they have wrought…several generations of a lost, disaffected, and discontented rabble who have faith in nothing greater than themselves. Their allegiance is in only what they are told by their satanic heralds who whisper lies in their collectives ears. They created a degenerate underground society that has now risen to the surface. There is nothing original here. Mankind has always tried to go his/her own way, belief in the superiority of mankind, instead of God. Six thousand years of recorded history tell the tales of violent death and suffering in every corner of the earth.

Their numbers are now just under half of the electorate in America, yet they insist their aristocracy assume absolute power over us, the once self-governed.
Now that the Democrats insist they won the election, they are determined to kill the MAGA movement

Democrats are pushing hard for censorship, conformity to the point of not accepting any point of view other than theirs. Books can’t be published, words can’t be spoken, movies can’t be made. People are being fired from their jobs or not hired because they supported President Trump or just for using Parlor. Democrats have also redefined sedition and insurrection. Disagree with them and attend a rally to show your disapproval, and you are now seditious, considered a domestic terrorist. Of course, burning down a city, killing police officers, or bombing a police station is not a problem. Some universities will even hire you to teach.

They have gone mad!

The Democrat Party is working to change election law by making sure Democrats win every election. Their plans are to drop all ID requirements, increase mail-in voting, allow early voting, late voting, same day register and vote, online registration. It’s called ‘Election Reform’. If passed it would be legalized corruption. They won’t have to violate the law anymore.

There is every indication that this government will be run by a cabal of elite, exercising powers no election or authorization has given them.

Now that the Democrats insist they won the election, they are determined to kill the MAGA movement. The 25,000+ troops in D.C. were not there to protect Americans from an insurgency. They were there to protect the coup, their insurgency, before the public at large realizes their crimes. And that would fit perfectly with Democrat canon…always accuse the opposition of what you are doing.

If there is any truth to be found in Darwinism, it must be survival of the most idiotic. If Rod Serling was still alive, I would ask him what comes next.


That is all.....

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