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Author Topic: America's downfall!
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Grams, do you know how many people claim to be saved in America?....

87% of the American population claim to be Christian...

they claim that based on the teachings of "once Saved Always Saved" ....

that is a damnable shame...

Strive to enter in at the strait gate:for many, I say unto you will seek to enter in, and shall not be able. ( Luke 13:24 )

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becauseHElives , Has said.......

America's downfall is partly the doctrine of "once Saved Always Saved"
I do not agree with this.
I do believe, when you are saved you are always
in Christ!
The only time it may seem you are not, is because
you or who every was not really saved.
God knows your heart ! He knows if you are just
saying it or really believing....

Gal 2:21 I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.
A person may think they can save them self !
But we can not ! God had sent His son
to the cross in our place.

Rom 5:10 For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life.

If we undestand and believe and have faith
we are saved , for all time.
But when people think they can save them self
I would believe they are not saved, and
only think they are.

8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.

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America's downfall!....

is an unrepentant Church

America's downfall is the Masons, the Illuminati,

America's downfall is a non praying Church...

America's downfall is partly the doctrine of "once Saved Always Saved"

Father wake up the Truth in the human heart....

in Yahshua's name

Strive to enter in at the strait gate:for many, I say unto you will seek to enter in, and shall not be able. ( Luke 13:24 )

Posts: 4578 | From: Southeast Texas | Registered: Jun 2002  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
The Beauty of Holiness777
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The problem with America is that America's problem didn't just start with Obama and Biden or McCain and Palin.

America's problem started when they started dealing with other countries and relying on their resources. Then America a nation that God has blessed for many years starting taking God out of a lot of things even in our schools. Then they started and are still letting the jobs of the American people go overseas for cheaper wages. These countries the majority of them don't even like Americans because of it's freedom. But because of greed and power the majority of our politicians are looking over how they really feel about us.

Now our economic is on a downslide and regardless of who wins this election it's going to take the grace and mercy of God to bring it back together again.
With McCain I do feel what you see is what you get. With Obama if the Democrats win the election I think Joe Bideon will be calling the shots at least for a while anyway. But regardless of which side wins the American people will not see any great changes in our economic for a while.

The damage to the American Economic started way before this election got started it has been creeping in for sometime. To bad we the American people have to pay for something that could have been avoided years before now. The warnings have been there all along but no one took heed until now. But the sad part is which ever party wins no one really knows how to really put the economic back on track "But God."

In God I'am Complete.
I am a "Spiritual Being" living in a physical body.
{Prayer - a force that reaches people and places when we can't}

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Michael Harrison
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It is not based on facts. That is the problem is it not? Or is it? That it is not based on facts really is not the whole concern. It is that there are so many people who are willing to believe something which is not based on facts. For when people are willing to believe a lie, when people are willing to participate in a lie because it fits some utopian concept they have, something very terrible is going to go down.

A gullible people who falls for a seemingly harmless deception, is subject to enslavement, and the worst possible outcome; This because they don’t know the facts about what they have. And there are hugely frightening numbers of unqualified voters at present in America, as reflected by the poles, who will vote for a chameleon, thinking it solid in appearance, and singlein mind.

The hard part is that they who will have sold out America to partake in a lie, or the different color taken on by a chameleon for the purposes of evading detection, if you will, will not know it until it is too late that the color that they saw before, was not the same one which will have been displayed when the change comes over 'em. What is worse is that they will, only when it is too late, realize that they courageously voted for it, thinking it a godsend. And what is worse yet, is that those who knew better and tried to prevent it had to suffer the loss of all that they held, and will in such case probably never get it back. America will die! Then, they who voted for the deception will be crying and pouting and saying, “Forgive me!” Will they find forgivness, or will it be too late? “Why didn’t we understand,” they will say.

So the problem with the Obama campaign, and the reason for this solicitation is that neither the campaigner nor the party is based on true, and accommodating facts. It is outrageous with lies, and literal propaganda, and propagandist who have banded together to win the hearts and minds of the gullible away from the facts! For some people are out of touch with the facts, and have drunken disregard for the reality and unspeakable value of the meaning of the founding document of this country. These out-of-touch types are Hollywood doped TV and movie theatre dreamers, who are easily duped by some who know that conditions are ripe for a takeover of the government. And that is what it is, in disguise, this campaign. And the stupid, bankrupt, self-glorying press lends full support to the duping of these, with a dagger disguised for a pen. Don’t these, supposedly educated people know that the press is not free in a socialist environment? For socialist want control of everything, and the press is a threat to government in such a situation wherein socialism prevails. Therefore one would think that the press would realize this, and would be tempered to report the news, rather than to assist in their own two feet being shot off?! It is beyond comprehension. But what a strange time in which we are living when such insanity is openly promoted? Listen! When the damnable is being celebrated, if that thought doesn't scare you, then you are one of the duped. You will not get much out of this.

Obama and his cohorts are takeover artist! What is behind the mind is not being revealed. He doesn’t dare reveal his compromised notions of our wonderful democracy. It would scare people. He knows better than to do that. His background is not firm in the American sense. It seems to have sympathy for non democratic societies. One can easily tell it when someone desiring leadership says that we have a lot to learn from China. I can only believe that he is referring to their governing. But we refer to them as ChiComs. The reason for this is that they are Chinese Communists. They are ruthless in their governing. And some are impressed that he would ‘work‘ with some whom we consider threatening. The fact is that we cannot buy the naïve notion that we can walk unarmed into a community of cannibals. Neither does anyone prudent invite into the camp, a Trojan horse! He is not to be trusted whom is doubted.

But the makeover artists are using empty statements which sound promising, but have no substance, to promote a ‘New America’ which is not what we need. We need good citizens who know how to act, and know who to elect to office, nothing more! But after Obama wins, should he, we will we find out what was really behind the mentality of the ‘safe, low content’ statements made in campaign circles, which so woos the queasily, easily, but reveales no plan of action, purposely (and with a not so obviously, devious smile)!

Moreover, together with the stupid press, Hollywood celebrates O B, and cohorts we see (and hear) in an effort to leverage into power for you and me, by swaying the masses, see! K! They in their make-believe world think they are smart because they can make a movie! But who doesn’t know that Hollywood is fake? Why, I watched the hero the other night, roll up a magazine to defend himself from a highly skilled assassin, viciously armed with a very lethal knife. I suppose that stunt will work as well in North Korea as it does in Hollywood, huh Hollywood? We can arm our men with magazines and pummel their army, and disarm the nukes, and no one will get hurt? Only in the movies! Well Hollywood, when it comes to an Obama presidency I can think of only two things to say: It would not be a good movie, and it would far exceed you worst horror flick, for it would be a scary movie. (Somebody turn on the lights.)

Propagandist out there right now are willing to lie outrageously, with scathing fraudulence, to intimidate weaker, susceptible minds, in order to sway people into conforming to something that people do not know is being lied about. These do not know what is being proposed, though they should; We all have the very same clues, from the pastor who supposes himself “Wright‘, to the Czar Louis of Kahn, the George Mcgovern‘s, or David Duke’s they so despise in the kook fringe of the white ruling party. And there are the similar types to the Wright‘s and Czar Kahn‘s who shout, “God, Guns, and the Bible, watch out,” who intending to intimidate and frighten susceptible minds, garnish their ruthless propaganda. But they better watch out. God, Guns and the Bible people are not the terrorist, as they are portrayed. It is the slick and harmless, innocent looking face of change, in this case, that is the terrorist. So it is so ugly, that so many people are willfully blind, and frighteningly numerous till the poll numbers are so close. For it feels like the end is near. You know, I am oft reminded of what Kruschev said back in the sixties, which I did not appreciate, “We will take America without firing a shot,” said the communist nit wit. Well, not in my lifetime. Amen! Not in my lifetime!

Let’s talk about America!

America’s form of government is designed to accommodate people who are willing to try to get along with each other. That is of course the true foundation, which is not ‘ever’ mentioned in such a way. However it is often referenced is by the phrase that reads, “All men are created equal.” Well perhaps that says the same thing, but it requires interpretation! It means that the environment in which we live is only practical for people who together, with like education in the things of importance, push in the same direction. I mean, imagine if people were pushing a car to a gas station to get gas. Imagine that there are a lot of people pushing, for there is a long way to go to get to the station. Now, imagine that some, who are getting tired as they push, look around to see that most of the rest have quit pushing, and are now sitting on the car and getting a free ride! What will happen? I bet that the car will stop - as those who are pushing will feel the need to lecture those who are getting a free ride, because they cannot push it on their own. The net result: The gas station may close before they all get there. If it closes, there will probably be a falling out amongst friends. See the principle?

Anyway, America is a Republican form of Government. I say American is Republican. Republican differs from democracy in that in a democracy people take a vote for whatever is to be. In a Republican government, people vote other people in to represent them concerning what is to be. That it is still considered to be a democracy is because that the people who are voted in, are to represent what, or how voters want it to be.

America is designed with benefit of the individual in mind. It is supposed to be designed to accommodate the individual, a whole lot more so than opposing governments do. For in one system of government, such as ours, the government exists to serve the individual (supposedly, though some are trying to overturn this). In the other, the individual exists to serve the government.

The price of existing to serve the government is that people lose ownership of some very valuable things. They do not even own themselves, much less some of the property, or rights which we enjoy, without even being completely aware. Therefore they do not have the freedom to design how they like things to be as much as they would be able to in a democratic environment. An example is like what we are seeing now. People get to vote ‘to lose’ all their benefits thinking they are ‘gaining’ something. (Go figure!) At least in a democracy we get to work with others by vote, to set up our governing environment to please as many as possible (whom we hope will work together), to suit everyone as much as possible, even if compromise is ultimately necessary.

In the case where people serve the government, they, the government officials, dictate to the people. The people have no choice in things, and if everybody disagrees in the same voice, or manner, it will not matter. It is considered an uprising and the government usurps them all, if necessary, at gunpoint. It is called suppression, and we see it all around us in the world. And notice, that the elite get the perks, and the masses pay for the elite to get the perks. Does it sound fair to you? For the servant of the government supports the government. What is in it for them? Work, and that without appreciation. (You bunch of dummies.)

I for one do not think that that is what the forefathers had in mind when they were escaping the domination of England. For England told them that they had to belong to the Church of England. Moreover, England told them that they had to pay seventy-five, or eighty percent of their income in taxes. Of course, the Church of England told them how to dress. It told them what to farm.

Do you not see it? That is where we are headed. It is a case where government is more self important, and the individual loses when this is the case. If we corporately do not think that the government should do something that it purposes, it will not matter. They win by default. So, does anyone see how this is detrimental to one’s personal enrichment? For to be enslaved by government mandate is not wealthy or promising. How can anyone think that he benefits in such a case. The color of life dissipates and hope fails.

It is like… I heard the Russian girl say on TV the other day, that in Russia, no one has any incentive to outperform anyone else. Therefore there is not as much wealth. Therefore the people suffer more because they are constrained to be poorer, and give more, so that the government can be enriched. How lucky we are, and yet, there are all of those out there who think that the government model which will work best for them is one where we are enslaved, and those who think they are on the short end of the stick think that they will be favored at least as much as everybody else. They will; but it will not be as much as everybody else, but as little.

Like those who were sitting on the car while it was being pushed, these malcontents will not be satisfied, but will complain until the kind of government which we recognize is poison to the people, is implemented. When this finally happens, we all lose, and in a painfully huge way. Let’s reverse stupidity. Quit seeing the friends of this nation as trash. And quit talking about them like they are enemies. You will know who your enemy is if you put Bomama into office. And you will be hurt unimaginably!

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