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Author Topic: That Speech 9-1-2022
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Fighting For Faith, Family & Freedom

Friday, September 2, 2022
To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary Bauer

Joe Biden's speech last night was perhaps the most dangerous and divisive speech ever delivered by an American president, certainly in modern memory. Stephen Miller suggested that Biden gave the speech of a dictator in the style of a dictator. I agree.

This was a hyper-partisan speech that had one purpose – to demonize Donald Trump and conservatives. Biden mentioned Trump by name three times and "MAGA" 13 times.

As I noted in yesterday's report, 66% of Americans say we have become more divided SINCE JOE BIDEN'S ELECTION, and speeches like this one (not to mention his extreme policies) are a big reason why.

Now, here's my take on last night's address.

The Optics

The optics of Biden's speech were more like a Berlin rally in 1939 than a speech delivered at the birthplace of the American republic. The blood red lighting was unsettling, dystopian and hellish.

Biden was flanked by two Marines in uniform, a disgusting violation of using the military in overtly political events. Even CNN talking heads were taken aback by the "semi-fascist" look of Biden's address.

Some people compared the optics to the evil Emperor Palpatine of Star Wars. Others said it looked like Biden was speaking in front of the gates of Hell. It certainly wasn't an ideal setting for any American president.

But in some ways it was appropriate. It was appropriate for an angry speech delivered by a 79 year-old politician labeling everyone opposed to his radical agenda as "dangerous extremists."

I kept waiting for him to declare a new initiative, something like, "As we speak authorities are arresting MAGA opponents all across America, taking them to reeducation camps so this threat to our democracy will end."

Accidental Truth

There was one moment when Biden accidentally told the truth. "But first, we must be honest with each other and with ourselves," he said. "Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal."

Well, on that point, I 1,000% agree! The American people overwhelmingly agree, too. Yet another poll finds a record number of Americans saying our country is on the wrong track.

Telling children they can change their sex is not normal.

Leaving your border wide open to millions of illegal aliens, criminals, terrorists and deadly drugs is not normal.

Telling America's youth that the Founders were evil is not normal.

Telling our brave police officers they are racists is not normal.

Getting emotionally hysterical and pushing insane policies thinking we can control the weather is not normal.

Drag queen story time is not normal.

Releasing violent thugs without bail is not normal.

Pushing abortion on demand, even up to the moment of birth, is not normal.

A former president's home being raided is not normal.

The list goes on and on. But, of course, that's not what Biden meant. He's referring to those taking action to resist these abnormal things! Once again, Joe Biden is attacking normalcy, just like the rest of the radical left.

Biden's Attack On Christians

Biden said that the proponents of the MAGA movement – Make America Great Again – "represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic."

The pro-MAGA vote represented 74 million Americans. It was multicultural and multi-ethnic, and included a remarkable influx of Hispanic Americans. But the main reason Donald Trump did so well is because of the support he received from Christians.

He got a higher percentage of evangelical support specifically, and Christians in general, than previous conservative presidential nominees.

But in one of the few times when Biden actually mentioned policies last night, it was notable for what he referenced. He said:

"MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards — backwards to an America where there is no right to choose, no right to privacy, no right to contraception, no right to marry who you love."

First of all, those are horrible distortions about abortion, contraception, the relationship between parents, their children and the public schools, and the meaning of marriage. But they are all things linked to today's great cultural debates and the public policy values shared by conservative Christians.

In this paragraph, Biden plagiarized (which he's done before) the infamous speech delivered by Ted Kennedy allegedly describing "Robert Bork's America."

It was such a horrible, vicious smear that it gave rise to the verb "to bork someone," meaning to destroy their reputation. Last night, Joe Biden borked half of America, especially conservative Christians.

This is Joe Biden going back to his roots, showing us, once again, who he really is -- just like he smeared Clarence Thomas, just like he smeared Mitt Romney, just like he viciously lied about Donald Trump.

Speaking of Abortion. . .

Biden also had the audacity to invoke the words of our Declaration of Independence last night. "The soul of America is defined by the sacred proposition that all are created equal in the image of God," he said. "That all are entitled to be treated with decency, dignity, and respect."

There was nothing decent, dignified or respectful about his speech. But it takes a lot of chutzpah for the most extreme, pro-abortion president in history to say "all are created equal in the image of God."

Meanwhile, he said nothing (and I checked) about inflation, the border, crime, the debt or national security.

An Ugly Pattern

Last night's ugly speech was not a "one off" for Joe Biden. He has used this extremely divisive tone before, most notably in his Georgia speech attacking election integrity laws.

The rhetoric Biden deployed in that speech and the rhetoric he deployed last night was more vicious, more threatening and more intimidating than anything he has ever said against Vladimir Putin, the Taliban, ISIS, Antifa, BLM, drug cartels, and communist China's genocidal dictators.

The most powerful man in the world seemingly hates conservatives more than he hates the real enemies of the United States because he sees conservatives as enemies of the country he and his Marxist allies are trying to "fundamentally transform" the United States into.

When Biden attacks the MAGA movement, even NeverTrumpers should be able to say, "Well, I'm no fan of Donald Trump, but it is outrageous to attack the majority of Americans who want to make our country great again."

Trump Responds

President Trump responded to Biden's unhinged tirade last night in a post on his social media platform Truth Social. Trump wrote:

"Someone should explain to Joe Biden, slowly but passionately, that MAGA means, as powerfully as mere words can get, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! If he doesn’t want to Make America Great Again, which through words, action, and thought, he doesn’t, then he certainly should not be representing the United States of America!"

Other Headlines

House conservatives, expecting to be in the majority next year, are making plans to impeach Joe Biden. I recommend they start with his disastrous and deadly open border policies.

A federal appeals court ruled unanimously that the Biden Administration’s effort to force religious doctors and hospitals to perform abortions and sex change operations on children was unconstitutional. Trying to force men and women of faith to destroy babies and mutilate children – now that sounds like fascism to me!

A federal court struck down a California law attempting to force churches and other religious organizations to pay for elective abortions in their employee health insurance plans.

Twenty-two state attorneys general filed a brief in support of Navy SEALs who are still fighting the Biden Administration’s COVID mandates.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott started busing illegal aliens to Chicago, another sanctuary city.

A Washington state school board voted unanimously to ban critical race theory from its classrooms.

More parents and pastors are stepping up to protest grooming drag shows for children.

That is all.....

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