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Author Topic: China is Our Greatest Enemy
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China plans to ban US IPOs for data-heavy tech firms

China’s stock regulator plans to propose new rules that could thwart internet companies’ plans to list in the U.S.

By Keith Zhai Wall Street Journal, Fox Business Flash top headlines for August 26, 2021:

China plans to propose new rules that would ban companies with large amounts of sensitive consumer data from going public in the U.S., people familiar with the matter said, a move that is likely to thwart the ambitions of the country’s tech firms to list abroad.

In recent weeks, officials from China’s stock regulator have told some companies and international investors that the new rules would prohibit internet firms holding a swath of user-related data from listing abroad, the people said. The regulators said that the rules target companies seeking foreign listing via units incorporated outside the country, according to the people.

China Securities Regulatory Commission officials said that companies with less sensitive data, such as those in the pharmaceutical industry, are still likely to receive Chinese regulatory approval for foreign listings, according to the people.

The new rules are likely to help Beijing exert more control over the complex corporate structure that China’s biggest tech companies use to sidestep restrictions on foreign investment. Chinese leaders consider sectors such as the internet, telecommunications and education sensitive because of political or national-security concerns.

Chinese technology giants including Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. , Didi Global Inc. and Tencent Holdings Ltd. have used such a corporate structure known as a Variable Interest Entity to attract foreign capital and list offshore.

The CSRC didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Under the new rules, China would also establish a mechanism that requires companies to obtain formal approval for overseas IPOs from a cross-ministry committee that would be set up in the coming months, they said.

Currently, private Chinese companies under the VIE structure aren’t explicitly required to seek approval from the CSRC for U.S. listings, though they would often do so if asked by Chinese officials.

The new rules have yet to be finalized. The CSRC plans to implement them around the fourth quarter, and have asked some companies to hold off on overseas initial public offerings until then, the people said.

That is all.....

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The discovery that a Michigan town’s drinking water treatment plant has been adding Chinese-made fluoride to its water supply for years has some of its residents upset.



That is all.....

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Originally posted by james boyce:
On a side note;
The forum post listing is backwards to other post sites.

Instead of scrolling down to see the next post I have to scroll up instead.

Is there anyway I can reverse the post scrolling list?
Just asking

Repent while the day is yet called day.

Originally posted by Betty Louise:

July 21, 2021

Heavenly Father,

Guide us everyday and help us to walk in righteousness and truth. Give us Your Heavenly peace so we do not become fearful. Protect us from the lies of the devil. Help us to live in a way that is pleasing to You. We love You.




Malachi 3:16 Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name.

400 years ago-

Mayflower, Day by Day - Wednesday, 21 July 1621

Posted 21 Jul 2021 3:56 AM |

Scarcity and Plenty

One last comment about the visit to Pokanoket -- despite the glowing reports of what was available for the taking in the wild and in the waters, this was clearly a subsistence economy: there was not much left over, and while the travellers regularly met natives who were happy to share with them, as the Pilgrims had been sharing with the hordes of visitors to their new settlement, there was nothing left over.


This is a part of Massasoit’s great embarrassment about their visit: he had been away, and thus there was nothing prepared for the entertainment.

Each person probably brought his own food, and there was very little left over for the two messengers to share. There was only a limited means to preserve food, and the Pilgrims were constantly careful to put aside food for the winter, as well as having seed for the next spring’s planting.

And nothing, absolutely nothing, could go to waste; everyone had to be on the lookout for what use could be made of what God had provided.

7 min ago

Revelation 20,11 And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

12 And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.

That is all.....

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james boyce
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Originally posted by knowHim:
And Biden still won't recognize it as our enemy! Unbelievable

I give you knowHim two 2 days to show your evidence.

If you, knowHim, can not provide the evidence I will be forced to call you a LIAR.
Synonyms for liar
• fabricator,
• fabulist,
• fibber,
• prevaricator,
• storyteller
knowHim is not a fabulist
knowHim is not a fibber
knowHim is not a storyteller
knowHim is liar !!!
So what is left?

China is not the USA’s #1 enemy because I know which country is and China is not it..

love the stranger

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james boyce
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Member # 16217

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Which country do you believe ia ahead of all others in the energy future?

China Aims to Spend at Least $360 Billion on Renewable Energy by 2020

China intends to spend more than $360 billion through 2020 on renewable power sources like solar and wind, the government’s energy agency said on Thursday.

The country’s National Energy Administration laid out a plan to dominate one of the world’s fastest-growing industries

The agency said in a statement that China would create more than 13 million jobs in the renewable energy sector by 2020, curb the growth of greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming and reduce the amount of soot that in recent days has blanketed Beijing and other Chinese cities in a noxious cloud of smog.

China surpassed the United States a decade ago as the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gasses, and now discharges about twice as much. For years, its oil and coal industries prospered under powerful political patrons and the growth-above-anything mantra of the ruling Communist Party.

2017 China Electric Car Sales Blow World Out Of The Water — BAIC EC-Series Is A Superstar
The rise and rise of the Chinese plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market is unstoppable, with yet another record performance in December. A total of 102,000 new passenger PEVs were registered last month, up 130% year over year. Yes, that was just December, and it pulled the year-to-date count to over 600,000 units, up 71% compared to 2016.

As consequence of this rapid growth, in December, the PEV share hit a record 3.3% market share of the entire Chinese auto market, while the entire 2017 PEV market share ended at 2.1%. That’s firmly ahead of last year’s score (1.5%) and above the USA (1.2%) and Europe (~1.9%).

The Chinese PEV market represented roughly half of the 1.2 million plug-ins sold worldwide in 2017, while Chinese carmakers made 47% of all PEVs sold last year.

Our future at being the world’s great leader is coming to an end. Soon we, i.e. the us will fall into the category of a third world economy if we do not wake up soooon!

love the stranger

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America Is Facing a Simultaneous WW III and Civil War As Biden Plans to Use Foreign Occupation Troops to Subjugate America Coupled With a Chinese Invasion


Submitted by Dave Hodges on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 - 12:15.

Dear Father of Heavenly Lights,

I humbly ask that the Holy Ghost continues to restrain in the affairs of evil men until he be taken out of the way. That you strengthen those submitted to your Will and open the eyes of those taken in the COVID~19 error, that they be born of the Spirit while the day is yet called day.

for Your names sake in Christ Jesus,

Amen. [Prayer]

2 Thessalonians 2:7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

2 Kings 6:16 And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.17 And Elisha prayed, and said, LORD, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.

That is all.....

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Originally posted by knowHim:
And Biden still won't recognize it as our enemy! Unbelievable.

Charlie Kirk: China is Our Greatest Enemy

Especially with O-Biden as the fake commander in chief. I found this story today.

China: Fragile Giant
by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jul 10, 2021 - 09:30 PM

Authored by Jim Rickards via DailyReckoning.com,

An objective analysis of China must begin with its enormous strengths. China has the third-largest territory in the world, with the world’s largest population (although soon to be overtaken by India).

China also has the fifth-largest nuclear arsenal in the world, with over 280 nuclear warheads. This is about the same as the U.K. and France but well behind Russia (6,490) and the U.S. (6,450). China is the largest gold producer in the world at about 500 metric tonnes per year.

Its economy is the second-largest economy in the world — behind only the U.S. China’s foreign exchange reserves (including gold) are the largest in the world.

By these diverse measures of population, territory, military strength and economic output, China is clearly a global super-power and the dominant presence in East Asia. Yet, these blockbuster statistics hide as much as they reveal.

China’s per capita income is under $12,000 per person compared to per capita income of about $64,000 in the United States. Put differently, the U.S. is only 38% richer than China on a gross basis, but it is 500% richer than China on a per capita basis (of course the massive economic fallout from the coronavirus will have an impact).

China’s military is growing stronger and more sophisticated, but it still falls short against the U.S. military when it comes to aircraft carriers, nuclear warheads, submarines, fighter aircraft and strategic bombers.

Most importantly, at under $12,000 per capita GDP, China is stuck squarely in the “middle income trap” as defined by development economists.

The path from low income (about $5,000 per capita) to middle-income (about $10,000 per capita) is fairly straightforward and mostly involves reduced corruption, direct foreign investment and migration from the countryside to cities to pursue assembly-style jobs.

The path from middle-income to high-income (about $20,000 per capita) is much more difficult and involves creation and deployment of high-technology and manufacture of high-value-added goods.

Among developing economies (excluding oil producers), only Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea have successfully made this transition since World War II. All other developing economies in Latin America, Africa, South Asia and the Middle East including giants such as Brazil and Turkey remain stuck in the middle-income ranks.

China remains reliant on assembly-style jobs and has shown no promise of breaking into the high-income ranks.

To escape the middle income trap requires more than cheap labor and infrastructure investment. It requires applied technology to produce high-value added products. This explains why China has been so focused on stealing U.S. intellectual property. (The US is riddled with spies and paid off/owned highly placed politicians and judges. Look what they did with our national election)

China has not shown much capacity for developing high technology on its own, but it has been quite effective at stealing such technology from trading partners and applying it through its own system of state-owned enterprises and “national champions” such as Huawei in the telecommunications sector.

But the U.S. and other countries are cracking down on China’s technology theft and China cannot generate the needed technology through its own R&D.

In short, and despite enormous annual growth in the past twenty years, China remains fundamentally a poor country with limited ability to improve the well-being of its citizens much beyond what has already been achieved. And that has serious implications for China’s leadership…

China’s economy is not just about providing jobs, goods and services. It is about regime survival for a Chinese Communist Party that faces an existential crisis if it fails to deliver.

It’s an illegitimate regime that will remain in power only so long as it provides jobs and a rising living standard for the Chinese people. The overriding imperative of the Chinese leadership is to avoid societal unrest.

If China’s job machine seizes, as parts of it did during the coronavirus outbreak, Beijing fears that popular unrest could emerge on a potentially scale much greater than the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. This is an existential threat to Communist power.

President Xi Jinping could quickly lose what the Chinese call, “The Mandate of Heaven.”

That’s a term that describes the intangible goodwill and popular support needed by emperors to rule China for the past 3,000 years.

If The Mandate of Heaven is lost, a ruler can fall quickly. Even before the crisis, China has had serious structural economic problems that are finally catching up with it.

China is so heavily indebted that it’s at the point where more debt does not produce growth. Adding additional debt today slows the economy and calls into question China’s ability to service its existing debt.

China also confronts an insolvent banking system and a real estate bubble. Up to half of China’s investment is a complete waste. It does produce jobs and utilize inputs like cement, steel, copper and glass. But the finished product, whether a city, train station or sports arena, is often a white elephant that will remain unused. The Chinese landscape is littered with “ghost cities” that have resulted from China’s wasted investment and flawed development model. (Or will there be another future military use?)

Essentially, China is on the horns of a dilemma with no good way out. China has driven growth with excessive credit, wasted infrastructure investment and Ponzi schemes.

The Chinese leadership knows this, but they had to keep the growth machine in high gear to create jobs for millions of migrants coming from the countryside to the city and to maintain jobs for the millions more already in the cities.

The two ways to get rid of debt are deflation (which results in write-offs, bankruptcies and unemployment) or inflation (which results in theft of purchasing power, similar to a tax increase).

(There is a 3rd. A pandemic reset where you just kill off the overhead. Divide the GNP against those remaining.)

Both alternatives are unacceptable to the Communists because they lack the political legitimacy to endure either unemployment or inflation. Either policy would cause social unrest and unleash revolutionary potential. (So WildB thinks option 3 maybe more likely than not the way this dog will hunt. )

China also has serious demographic challenges that will limit future growth…

In 1980, China instituted a one-child policy in an effort to control population growth. But the 1980 announcement was really a matter of formalizing an existing policy. The Chinese have a cultural preference for boys over girls. So, when the one-child policy was implemented, the Chinese used pre-natal tests to determine sex and then aborted the girls.

At a more crude level, families kept buckets of water next to birthing beds so that if a girl was born she could be drowned immediately. It is estimated that between 20 million to 30 million baby girls were killed this way, resulting in an equivalent surplus of men over women.

These excess men will never find wives in China. Since women can be selective about husbands, it follows that the 30 million excess men will be the least talented and poorest in Chinese society. This cohort is highly prone to antisocial behavior, including alcohol and drug abuse and violence.

The demographic time bomb is now detonating. The missing children from thirty or forty years ago are the missing prime age workers of today. The Chinese economy grew strongly from 1995 to 2010, mainly because of a rural-to-urban migration and the rise of assembly-style manufacturing jobs.

Now the migration is over, the assembly-style jobs are moving to Vietnam and India, and China’s lack of high-value-added technology has left it stuck in the slow-growth middle-income trap. China might have overcome this through the sheer weight of low-wage workers, but they don’t exist.

China will lose over 100 million workers in the next ten years due to aging, retirement and the absence of working-age replacements. China is now trying to undo the demographic damage with a new “three-child policy.”

But, it’s too late. Demographic disasters take thirty years or more to create and they can take thirty years or more to cure. For the next thirty years, China’s worker shortage will be a drain on growth.

Final thought: WildB reasons in his heart, that it is more likely than not why the whole world will be involved with a pandemic reset.
A world wide herd culling in each of the national military regions. This verse comes to mind.


And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. Revelation 17:12
Another verse- And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. "THEY" shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

And upon her forehead was a name written,

COVID-19 is culling the herd of humanity and will only get worse till finished. The deaths of the 1918 Spanish flue from the 1914 war didn't start culling the herd at 1st but took a few years to finish. And it only infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide—about one-third of the planet's population killing an estimated 20 million ...The Covid2019 protein spike shots have genetically infected more than 65% world wide? You do the math.

“This is an abomination, but it is not unexpected.” Dr. Corey Hebert, M.D., New Orleans

Beneath the conversation about herd immunity lies a silent truth and unstated conversation about who will survive. (WildB thinks it will be Christians with Bibles/guns and Nationalist that will be high on the list. This is where the real game begins.)

NOW, It’s “The Plan.” Ruin America’s economy, destroy her middle class, and put a stranglehold on her energy grid.


: The Death Knell of Liberty

That is all.....

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And Biden still won't recognize it as our enemy! Unbelievable.

Charlie Kirk: China is Our Greatest Enemy

Plow on, plow on...
David Campbell

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