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I'm new to this message board, but i ran across the most logical, historically accurate documentation ever, as to how the money grabbing got started in churches. If you think the recent 20/20 show called "Enough is Enough" exposed what some of our TV evangelists are doing, wait until you find out how it all got started. Check it out.

Even more absurd is the extent to which some churches have gone to con their members out of money. For example, did you know that the "guy" called "saint" Christopher who lots of people are actually taught to worship, and to even pray to, never actually existed. In fact, according to the church's own official encyclopedia, when they first "invented" him out of thin air in the fourth century, the description they gave their members was that Ole Saint Chris is eighteen feet tall, and has the head of a dog. Think I'm making it up" I really am not. Just wait until you hear (from the church's own official records) how all the money grabbing we see in today's news got started, and the tactics the church used to bilk money out of poor peasants who had almost no money to give.

Then, compare the above to the concoction of Scriptural lies many of today's money grabbing preachers have come up with to get their congregations to continue supporting their multi-million dollar homes and twin engine jet aircraft. There's really not much difference. They've just become better, much smoother liars, to an audience desperate to listen to almost anything.

[Cross] Michelle

Study the word and prove God's truth, follow no church doctrine, only the word of the LORD!

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The person whose website you linked to is highly questionable. He had a website back in 1999 called "Bonds' Report" in which he posted under the name of "Bonds" because he said that was the name God told him to use. He claimed to be receiving information directly from God as to the fate of the USA, Canada, and Mexico, and that all three countries were to be destroyed on a certain date in June of 1999 and that a vast underground natural gas reserve would be the instrument of God's destruction of these countries. That "prophecy" proved false, as did each and every other prophecy he posted on his site. He disappeared for a long time, and now he's back with a new site, and posting under a new name. He's a false prophet and a false teacher, and you would do well to have nothing to do with him.
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Hello JackHowell,

I don’t doubt what you say but do you have any sources about the web sites you question?

Because I looked at the information that Michelle64 posted and it agrees with everything I have study about the topics she addresses.

Hope you preach the True Gospel and not the easy believism that is so popular in America today.

A straight gate, the entrance, the door, the Messiah Yeshua/Jesus and the narrow path, the cross, the sanctified life, dead to self, The Only True Gospel.

Not the work of the flesh, but the work of the Spirit of Yahweh, ”Grace by which you are saved”

Strive to enter in at the strait gate:for many, I say unto you will seek to enter in, and shall not be able. ( Luke 13:24 )

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As I said, the original site went down and he disappeared from the internet after his "prophecies" failed to come to pass, and he was exposed as a false teacher and false prophet. Since this all happened in 1998-1999, there is no longer any record of the site or his "prophetic utterances" in any of the search engines I checked.

No, I do not endorse easy believeism.

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Yes, the man's name is Vince Diehl.

I recommend everyone to do an internet search on his name, Vince Diehl, and read every commentary you find regarding him. I am certain you will be able to determine/discern whether or not you believe this is a man of God.

Study to show yourself approved, a workman unto God who needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth. 2 Timothy 2:15
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My screen name stands for "I am a Friend of The Lord's"

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Here is what I have discerned from the last post by Michelle(you are no gods). In Vince's prophecy he states,'Because the living creature, the destroyer of gentiles who has the appearance of an eagle, and who is known to the lord as the Spirit of death, is now on his way. He has already set out from his place to the north of God's throne in heaven, and the army of hell is now following after him to make the land called America desolate and without so much as one inhabitant.' He refers to Rev 4:7 where John saw four living creatures before the throne of God, one like a flying eagle. Vince claims in his prophecy that this is the destroyer who is known to the Lord as the Spirit of Death. Yet in verse 8 John says these four creatures rest not day nor night,'saying Holy,holy,holy,Lord God Almighty, which was, and is,and is to come. If they rest not day nor night WORSHIPPING God at what point does God send this so called destroyer to demolish America. I know of no place in the bible where the destroyer is described as being one of the living creatures around God's throne worshipping him day and night. Vince also states that the Lord of Hosts will force them to spend their eternity serving false Gods in hell. The bible says that satan will be cast into a lake of fire and found no more at all. He will not be punishing people forever. The unGodly will be destroyed, not punished forever. Another claim he makes is that In the Mosaic pattern the Lord will teach all men who will listen. Jesus has fullfilled the law and the prophets and He is of the order of Melchizedec. Paul taught that we know all things because the Holy Spirit dwells within us. Why would we now have to be taught according to the Mosaic pattern? Vince also states 'you state silently but falsely claim'. How can you be silent and state something. Finally, Vince states ' If you believe the prophecies you are required by God Himself to tell others where to find it. The bible says to test every spirit. I have just proven to you there are errors in his prophecy. He critiques preachers by quoting them out of context which makes his accusations weightless. Jesus said they will know you are my disciples by the love you have for each other. Does this man love you with his rhetoric or does he cause you anxiety? If you are honest with yourself you would have to agree that he is not edifying the church with his criticisms.

Don't grieve the Holy Spirit

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