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Author Topic: Spiritual Harlotry
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Spiritual harlotry has existed on earth since at least the time of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11) when man was briefly united in open rebellion against God. As one progresses through the pages of the Old Testament, we see the Hebrew people suffered repeated punishment and judgment when they got caught up following after the false gods of their pagan neighbors. At that time, God had only recently introduced the Law to the Israelites of which He specifically told them the very first rule was Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Exodus 20:3

Revelation 17 then points to a future time that will make everything before it pales in comparison. While Scripture does not shy away from rebuking the sexual acts of perversion and carnality when mentioned in its pages, the context here in Revelation 17 is specifically addressing the blasphemous spiritual fornication that will be running rampant in the world at the time of the end.

Although paganism is a form of spiritual fornication, it remains altogether removed from faith in the one true God. This is why this final world system isn’t a revival of the Old Norse, Egyptian, Greek, or Roman gods…because they never existed, to begin with. It doesn’t make any sense to counterfeit something that never existed. As the old saying goes, you can’t counterfeit a three-dollar bill. Rather, the counterfeit must be against something that is real which is why this final religious system must make Christianity its main objective.

The Most Dangerous Lie

If the Roman Empire is to be revived (Daniel 7:7-9, 9:26; Rev. 13:1-3), then the spiritual battle over Europe is almost complete. We know angelic hosts have the capacity to oversee territories and nations (Dan. 10:20) and it is not unreasonable to assume that Europe also has fallen-entities governing their affairs. What these evil principalities and powers (Eph. 6:12) couldn’t kill through two world wars and a holocaust, they finished with off anti-Christian liberalism which has all but quenched the spirit of revival in what was once THE stronghold of Christendom.

But vacuums do not exist in nature (at least here on earth) and something must fill that ideological void. If Europe has become post-Christian (it has), and their history is replete with brutal examples of Muslim invasions (it was), why would they willingly bring people back who seek their destruction?

Any good socialist worth his or her salt always believes that “this time” it will work. So too will these globalist believe that capitulation to tyrants will somehow work this time. It is not Islam that they seek to dissolve, but rather the fundamentalism strain within Islam. Islam in its pure state is a volatile and unsustainable belief system. It can only thrive in war and conquest. But when combined with liberal (or progressive) notions of relativism and given some existential threat that challenges all of the worldviews equally (the Rapture of the Church will do this), then we will see this merging of Christianity and Islam, along with other pagan belief systems coming back together for this final empire. The Roman Empire had their pantheon of gods but were equally willing to tolerate other religions (or gods) so long as Caesar got his first. The only way to tolerate many belief systems is to subscribe to the ideological worldview of liberalism (this would include pluralism).

The first thing liberalism does is it seeks to undermine the authority of the Bible by placing doubt on its literal validity. In more recent times, this was done through historical criticism (also known as higher and lower criticism). Liberalism seeks to make Christianity simply another religion, which is no better or no worse than any other religion, thus, all religions are equal.
The liberal approach to hermeneutics seeks to divorce the supernatural aspects of the Bible from its historicity. For instance, if one doubts the actual six-day Creation, or Noah’s flood, or the Exodus through the Red Sea than what is it to doubt Christ rising from the dead or coming back one day?
Liberalism (in a general sense) seeks to remove fundamentalism from any belief system. So it doesn’t matter if we are talking liberalism in Christianity, Buddhism, or Islam, all seek to diminish the strong views in favor of tolerance.
The first example of the liberalistic approach was in the Garden of Eden (long before any religion was invented) when Satan (as the serpent of old), approached Eve with a question. He successfully inserted doubt into Eve’s mind as to the motivation behind God’s rules. Thus liberalism (in terms of biblical interpretation) becomes the first and most destructive vehicle Satan ever used against mankind. Think about it this way…it all began with “Yea, hath God said…?” Genesis 3:1

Are You Rapture Ready, The BlessedHope

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It'll be interesting to see what form will be taken globally as the various political and religious factions jostle for authority and power.
No doubt the undermining of the authority of the scriptures is well underway within Christian circles themselves.

The removal of God's Law, the casting of doubt on wether Gods Word is actually God's Word, and of course there is the 'nutter' element.

There is also the confusion generated by the various paradigms used to interpret the scriptures.

I am persuaded that God will not desert his people and those that want to know will know. Jesus said these folk will be salted with fire.
Yes, temptations and troubles will come from all angles yet we have a sure anchor and the promise, 'I will never leave you or forsake you'

We are encouraged not to make this world or its values our home. We are to run the race with endurance and patience.

I recall when I was a younger man early in my Christian walk how I was buffeted with doubts and apprehensions when I came across this ditty; 'be my feelings what they will, Jesus is my saviour still.'
I have written it inside the cover of my bible and forty five years later it still remains a source of comfort.

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