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Author Topic: Muslim Ruler's Daughter Miraculous Encounter With Jesus
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really faith building incident.
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Muslim ruler's daughter arrested for Christian faith
Conversion followed 'miraculous' vision

Leo Hohmann, WND
WND: Muslim Ruler's Daughter

The daughter of a Muslim ruler in the Middle East recently had a miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ that has caused her to repudiate her faith in Allah and openly express her faith in Jesus.

As a result, she has been placed under house arrest.

As a member of a prominent family, she was not seeking such an encounter, but it presented itself in a way that she found difficult to ignore.

In fact, those who know her say Najima (her real name and her country are withheld for her safety) was a faithful Muslim. She followed the Five Pillars of Islam, never missed the required five-times-a-day prayers, gave to the poor, fasted and followed all the rules for living as a Muslim woman.

While studying at a Western university, she noticed a small piece of paper stuck in a crease at the table at which she was sitting. It was part of a Bible tract about Jesus Christ.

It read: “For God hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him” (2 Corinthians 5:21).

She thought it was strange and asked herself, “How can Jesus be sin for us?”

She threw the tract in the trash can, thinking that would be the end of it.

But the verse kept haunting her.

She tried to forget it and went to bed.

No matter how much she tried to forget, the verse continued to project itself before her mind. She could not sleep.

Then came a presence that lit up her room as if the sun was shining through the window at midnight.

Then came a voice: “Daughter, you’re a sinner. There is none righteous, no, not one: All are gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; But I came to take all of your sins. I did ransom for many. Believe me and accept me. I give you eternal life.”

She understood it was the voice from Jesus Christ, and she knelt down and accepted him as her personal savior and Lord.

She declared her faith to her friends first, then to her house.

When she told her family that she had become a Christian, her father and brothers exploded in a rage.

They stripped her naked and bound her to a chair fixed to a metal plate with which they wanted to electrocute her. She asked them to lay a Bible in her lap.

Her father responded, “If you want to die together with your false religion, so be it.”

“That will show that your religion is powerless,” one of her brothers chided.

Still bound, she was able to touch a corner of the Bible. She felt a peace, as though someone were standing beside her. Her father and brothers pushed the plug into the socket – and nothing happened.

They tried four times with various cables but the electricity refused to flow.

Finally, her father, angry and frustrated, hit her and screamed, “You are no longer my daughter.”

Then he threw his daughter out into the street, naked. She ran through the streets, humiliated. Shaking and tearful, she made it to a friend’s house. Her friend let her in, clothed her and gave her shelter.

The next day, her friend asked neighbors what they had thought when they saw a girl running naked through the streets.

“What are you talking about?” they responded.

“We saw a girl was running with a wonderful white dress like angels. We asked ourselves why someone so beautifully clothed had to run through the streets.”

Najima remains under house arrest, said evangelist Paul Siniraj. Read her full story at Bibles For Mideast.

Pastor Siniraj, who founded Bibles For Mideast, an undercover Bible smuggling ministry that gets the Word of God into some of the most repressive Muslim countries, says Najima remains in a dire situation and in need of prayer. As do the other Christians who live in her region.

Siniraj, 61, is a former Muslim himself who grew up in India. WND told the story of the pastor’s high-risk ministry in an April 17 article.

Because of Najima’s conversion, the Muslim ruler under whom she lives banned all religious activities in the area that don’t strictly follow Islam.

Authorities have searched people’s property for evidence of Christianity, imprisoning anyone who is found in possession of a cross or icon.

“Planets are rotating themselves as well as go around the sun in a path. We adopt this method for the ministries of Bibles for Mideast,” Pastor Siniraj said. “Often we change our location and work fields to different areas in an order.”

Psalm 48:2 says, “Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great King.”

“So we worship and adore Jesus Christ, the King of kings and the Lord of lords,” Siniraj said.

“We wish and pray to distribute minimum 100,000 Bibles this year. At least 50,000 Arabic Bibles and 50,000 Bibles in other languages. It is our target for this year,” he said. “Once in a week as well as three days in a month we are fasting with prayers to achieve our target by God’s grace.”

Bible teacher and evangelist Joel Richardson said ministries like that of Pastor Siniraj are leading thousands of Muslims to Christ, as well as confirming and building upon the faith that is sparked by dreams and visions similar to the one experienced by Najima.

“But in nations where they try to institute Islamic law, Saudi Arabia, Iran, ISIS, they all have some form of morality police, and one of their primary jobs is to find Christians and hunt Christians down, women in particular,” he said. “In Saudi Arabia for instance, they can’t even legally drive, so when these women come to faith they’re at an incredible disadvantage but history has often shown that revolutions are led by courageous women.”

He said it’s getting harder to shut out the gospel from these countries.

“And the more that we reach this point in history where everyone has a phone, everyone has access to information, it’s becoming more and more difficult to restrict access to the gospel, and as a result of that we’re seeing profound revivals in unexpected places,” he said. “The nations that live with the most restrictive laws are witnessing some of the strongest revival. Iran, Afghanistan, and little movements or pockets of preacher movements in Saudi Arabia.”

Richardson said Iran recently launched a new wave of undercover morality police.

“They just hired 7,000 government agents just in one city, Tehran, with all the new money we just sent them (from President Obama’s nuclear deal),” said Richardson, author of “When A Jew Rules the World” and “The Islamic Antichrist” among other best-sellers. “They say it’s for drug crimes and such, but everyone knows it’s to hunt down Christians.”

But whether it’s the ISIS caliphate, various other Islamic governments or “the devil himself,” the spread of the gospel can’t be stopped, Richardson told WND.

“And the scriptures reveal that in the Middle East there would be a great revival and many Muslims would come to faith in the days ahead,” he said, citing Isaiah as one example.

“Isaiah 60 one of the premiere Old Testament passages that speaks of the restored kingdom of Israel during the reign of Messiah, and it speaks of the kings and gentile nations coming to Jerusalem. Multitudes of camels will come specifically from Midian and Kebar and Sheba. So that’s dealing today with what amounts to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and even Somalia and parts of Muslim North Africa. It says multitudes will bring gifts and to worship the King in Zion.

“So we’re seeing the first fruits of that. It’s breaking out,” he said. “Saudi Arabia is not quite as on fire as some of the other Muslim nations, but there are a few Saudis that got saved, and most of them fled, but I know there are some that are secret Christians still living there.”

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